41 - Earth Shield resets on leave

ShieldsUp version:

WoW version and region/language:

5.3.0 enUS

Character race, class, spec, and level:

Draenei resto sham, level 90

Description of the problem:

When you have your earth shield on somebody, when somebody else leaves the group the earth shield counter is reset to 0 until you re-apply earth shield.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. put earth shield on somebody
  2. have somebody else leave the group

Does the problem still happen when all other addons are disabled?


Exact text of the first related error message, if any:


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    I'm seeing something similar, though not exactly this issue. In a group, occasionally my ES will seemingly just 'fall off,' according to ShieldsUp. It doesn't even report the shield expiring or being overwritten - the counter just goes to 0.

    I track who has my ES with VuhDo as well, and VuhDo keeps the indicator up just fine. It's only SU that 'loses track.'

    Screenshot shows the issue in action. For context, the red 0 in the middle is SU not tracking my ES. The yellow box on one of the raid frames means that VuhDo sees my ES on that target. Also selected that target to show you that it's my ES that's on it (see mouseover tooltip).

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