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1.Been having a few minor issues with S&A. I noticed a while back in DS on the boss Hagara the Stormbinder my Unleash Elements would not display in the priority frame but only for that 1 boss. The only way I knew to cast it was to watch the timer bars or glance down at my action bars. Then I noticed the same thing happened with Lei Shi in Terrace. It also happens with Elegon in MV but only for the bosses, once I target the add/adds Unleash Elements displays again. Very minor issue...however, since the last reset on Tues Feb. 5th 2013 Fire Nova will not display at all for anything in the priorities frame regardless. I've tried everything but cant seem to get FN to display anymore. Everything else seems to be ok. As always great good in fact I couldn't imagine playing enhance without it. I am running version 7.11.  I tried to include all relevant info...sorry don't have swatter or bugcatcher info to give since I dont get an error for this. The only error I get for his addon is: "border texture not found. Trying to set None". And "bar border not found. Trying to set None".  This is displayed in chat when the game 1st loads.  One last issue that is so small i almost ignore it, but since reporting bugs...sometimes the icon for the shield timer bar stay visible even though i have "disable out of combat" checked and dont have the shield bar checked...I can fix it however by checking and unchecking the shield bar a few times.  And lastly another minor bug is that when you make any changes in the settings the frames dissapear so you have to keep checking and unchecking "move frames" everytime you make a change. Ok keep up the good work
2.Fire Nova will not display in priority frame
3.If possible could you add an option to have priority frame display out of combat like the timer bars?

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running ver 7.11

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Sorry no error log for this type of issue

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Addon seems to cause a bit of instance lag

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Droole Feb 07, 2013 at 18:05 UTC Create

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    Udate: Ok i got FN to display again properly in priorities frame by checking the FS dot bar, i must have unchecked it by accident. Not really sure why having a timer bar checked affects the display of priority frames but hey I'll take it :D

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Feb 07, 2013
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