27 - Track multiple auras in conditionals

It would be idea to have multiple conditions to filter an ability on, which could then be combined in to AND or OR semantics - or, if simplicity is needed, just AND semantics. For example:

A Mistweaver Monk who is 'Fistweaving' will want to generally use Blackout Kick (2-chi 'finisher' that applies buff "Serpent's Zeal" [SZ]) to keep up the SZ buff. However, you only want to use Blackout Kick when you have the 'Muscle Memory' buff from using Jab.

Ideally, I should be able to configure Watcher to filter Blackout Kick on TWO auras:

1: Muscle Memory is an aura on the player, show ability when this aura is present
2: Serpent's Zeal is an aura on the player, show ability when this aura is NOT present

I'm sure this would be a hugely beneficial thing to have for a lot of classes and specs.

Thanks for the amazing addon, I've used it every time I've come back to play WoW and I was pleasently surprised that it's still active and working!

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