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This simple addon will automatically shout out that you need healing through the '/HEALME' emote when the player's health gets below a certain percentage of their maximum. The default is 20% but is configurable by the player. This allows party and raid members to automatically know that the player is running out of health and needs healing.

The addon also does the same thing with mana if the player uses mana. It will automatically call out that you have low mana by doing the '/OOM' emote if the player's mana gets below a certain percentage which lets other party/raid members know that the player is running out of mana.

You can type '/shoutout' or '/so' in game to bring up the configuration window. Configuration is done inside the 'Addon' tab of the main Blizzard Interface configuration window.

There used to be an addon called 'CombatCaller' which did this but it was never updated to work with 2.4 let alone 3.0 so I decided to duplicate that addon's functionality but make an addon which was compatible with 3.0.

I wrote this as a beginner Ace addon writer's tool so I could learn the basics of Ace and so others can see what a simple Ace3 addon looks like and also because I missed the functionality.

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Date created
Dec 30, 2008
Last update
Dec 31, 2008
Development stage
  • enUS
BSD License
Recent files
  • R: v1.0.2 for 3.0.3 Dec 31, 2008
  • A: r34 for 3.0.3 Dec 31, 2008
  • R: release_1.0.2 for 3.0.3 Dec 31, 2008
  • B: r30 for 3.0.3 Dec 31, 2008
  • A: r18 for 3.0.3 Dec 30, 2008



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