Change log

Change log:

Abandoned addon and no more upgrades. Start using Blizzard's Automatic Quest Tracking option. Blizzard fixed the tracking window in the MOP expansion.

Revision v4.3.4 (Sep 2, 2012)

  • ... last working copy of addon
  • Updated TOC file for patch 4.3.4
  • Updated, new addon name TrackQuestsUI, instead of ShowQuestItem. Reflect what the addon does and not just quest items.
  • Updated, new slash command /tqui, instead of /sqi
  • Bug fix, use only one option in the interface to track quests now. AUTO_QUEST_PROGRESS was removed by Blizzard.
  • Bug fix, stop using GetNumQuestLeaderBoards(), so that we can watch all quests even breadcrumb and escorts too

Revision v4.3.0 (Jan 5, 2012)

  • Updated TOC file for patch 4.3.0

Revision v4.2.0 (Jul 22, 2011)

  • Updated TOC file for patch 4.2.0

Revision v4.0.0 (Oct 6, 2010)

  • Updated TOC file for patch 4.0.0 (for cata)
  • New, minimap button for options
  • New, show objectives after a delay instead of all at once to avoid lag
  • Bug fix, replace 'this' with 'self' and fix parameters passed to functions (for cata)
  • Bug fix, replace getglobal() with _G[] (for cata)
  • Bug fix, addmessage " ", cause broken if "" (for cata)
  • Bug fix, remove "objective" text that sticks out annoyingly in middle of screen

Revision v3.3.0 (May 22, 2009)

  • Major bug fix, OnEvent() function was broken by patch.
  • New feature, automatically configures objectives in the Blizzard interface and works immediately after logging in.
  • New feature, access options with addon scripts, from any other addon and not just macros.
  • Updated TOC file for patch 3.3.0

Revision v3.1.0 (May 22, 2009)

  • Updated TOC file for patch 3.1.0

Revision v3.1.0b (May 24, 2009)

  • Minor bug fix, to scan all quests properly when quest log is full.
  • New feature, option to quickly clear the display and show no quests.

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