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Simple Interrupt Announce

Copyright 2011-2015 BeathsCurse (Saphod - Draenor EU)


Simple Interrupt Announce (SIA) is a World of Warcraft addon that aims to be
a relatively simple and efficient, yet flexible interrupt announcer. The main
use of such an addon is to help coordinate interrupts in raids.


SIA stores settings for how to announce interrupts based on your grouping
status. So you can have separate settings for when you are solo, in an
instance group, party, or raid.

For each of these four statuses, SIA can announce your own interrupts, and
those of other people/pets in your party/raid.

Announcing is based on modes, which decide what channel the announcement goes
to. They can be: off, self, say, instance, party, and raid.

The default settings are:

status       own    other
solo        self      N/A
instance    self     self
party       self     self
raid         say     self

So, when you are playing solo, you will get your own interrupts announced to
yourself, and not see others. When in an instance group or party, your own
interrupts and other peoples interrupts will be announced to yourself. When
in a raid, your own interrupts will be announced in say, and you will see
other peoples interrupts announced to yourself.

Own covers interrupts made by you or your pet, other covers interrupts made
by any player or pet in your party/raid.

Instance groups are groups/raids created by the instance finder (LFD/LFR/etc.)

SIA can optionally play a sound when announcing. In the configuration panel
you can select one of the default sounds, or you can add your own custom sound
files to Interface/AddOns/SimpleInterruptAnnounce with one of these names:
sound1.mp3, sound2.mp3, sound1.ogg, sound2.ogg.

Slash Commands

You can enable and disable announcing with

/sia on
/sia off

You can use

/sia <status>

to see what the modes are for that status. And

/sia <status> [own [other]]

to set the mode for own and other interrupts respectively.

For switching modes in macros, a special compact syntax is supported; an
exclamation mark followed by eight characters, two (own and other) for each
of the four statuses. Each character can be: o = off, m = self, s = say,
i = instance, p = party, r = raid. If a character is not one of these, the
corresponding mode is not changed.

Here are a few examples:

/sia party         - print current party modes
/sia solo self     - when solo, own interrupts to yourself
/sia raid say self - when raid, own to say, others to self
/sia !mommmmsm     - set default modes

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  • Avatar of John454ss John454ss Sep 21, 2013 at 12:40 UTC - 0 likes


    You rock!

    Thanks for the quick response and all your hard work.

  • Avatar of BeathsCurse BeathsCurse Sep 20, 2013 at 19:11 UTC - 0 likes

    @John454ss: Go

    I might add support for having a config for each spec at some point, but getting all the configuration stuff to play along is not entirely simple.

    If you have enough space in your macro, you could always do something like:

    /run local s=SimpleInterruptAnnounce; if (GetSpecialization()==1) then s:Enable() else s:Disable() end
  • Avatar of John454ss John454ss Sep 20, 2013 at 12:53 UTC - 0 likes

    Any chance we can get a spec option so we can macro the slash command(s) in for when we swap specs?

    Many of us have gear/spec swap macros for multiple roles, but including a line or two would be awesome to turn this off/on if possible. When I'm shadow I can interrupt, but as holy I can't for example.

    Maybe something simple that tests the conditional:
    /sia on 1
    /sia off 2

    Maybe even just the conditional (implying opposite state by default):
    /sia on 1

    While it's casting the change specialization spell it'd automatically turn on/off the interrupt/taunt announcer. I don't know what's possible or if inputing another variable requires too much work, but it was just an idea I had for folks that have too many toons with multiple roles.

  • Avatar of BeathsCurse BeathsCurse Mar 12, 2013 at 21:20 UTC - 0 likes

    @John454ss: Go

    Thank you for the patience and feedback.

  • Avatar of John454ss John454ss Mar 12, 2013 at 20:48 UTC - 0 likes

    Beta 3 of Simple Interrupt Announce fixes the taint on startup/reload problem until accessed in the addon tab.  (To be fair any addon in that tab generates taint issues once those menus are generated.)  I agree that almost any interaction to UIDropDownMenu causes these issues.

    Your methods and approach to this problem are appreciated.  Thank you for fixing something that already worked and affected only a small portion of the user base.

    Last edited Mar 12, 2013 by John454ss
  • Avatar of BeathsCurse BeathsCurse Mar 10, 2013 at 20:27 UTC - 0 likes

    @John454ss: Go

    Ok, in beta 3 I've moved the configuration panel code to a separate folder which is load on demand.

    The dropdown code still taints, but at least now it is only loaded if you open the configuration panel, and you can disable it by simply disabling SimpleInterruptAnnounce_Config instead of editing lua files.

  • Avatar of BeathsCurse BeathsCurse Mar 10, 2013 at 16:33 UTC - 0 likes

    @CanRanBan: Go

    Sounds like a good idea. I have made an attempt to add this, and uploaded another beta (should show up shortly).

  • Avatar of CanRanBan CanRanBan Mar 10, 2013 at 11:59 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi there,

    i have one feature request. Is it possible to get an option to show the target marker of an interrupted target? I really like your addon but miss the raid marks. I used to have them with other addons of this type but they lacked the announce of all interrupts in a group / raid. :(

    Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar of BeathsCurse BeathsCurse Mar 08, 2013 at 21:59 UTC - 0 likes

    @John454ss: Go

    It's quite maddening really. I tried disabling one addon at a time, checking the taint log to see if UIDROPDOWNMENU_MENU_LEVEL got tainted, and I ended up having disabled all addons that had an entry in the configuration options panel. I guess it is more or less impossible to use UIDropDownMenu without getting this problem, and whatever addon happens to get flagged first is the one that is blamed.

    I have uploaded a beta where the dropdowns are not initialized before the configuration panel is shown. Of course this does not fix the issue, it just postpones it.

  • Avatar of John454ss John454ss Mar 08, 2013 at 17:23 UTC - 0 likes

    This taint error spreads to the compact raid frames so a person can't use the compact raid frames with other addons/sometimes can't even click to target using the standard frames.  There are hundreds more lines (different issues) in the taint log.  They can be viewed in the taint log if you turn on "/console taintLog 2" and do a "/reload".  These errors are from running 1.0.21 with the 5.2 WoW client and no other addons.  Cleaning the WTF/cache/addon folders makes no difference.  I hope this helps to track down the issue because I like how this addon works.  I just wish I didn't have to keep taking out the GUI configuration.

    3/8 11:09:30.787  Global variable UIDROPDOWNMENU_MENU_LEVEL tainted by SimpleInterruptAnnounce - Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:38
    3/8 11:09:30.787      securecall()
    3/8 11:09:30.787      Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:64 UIDropDownMenu_Initialize()
    3/8 11:09:30.787      Interface\AddOns\SimpleInterruptAnnounce\ConfigurationPanel.lua:184 SimpleInterruptAnnouncePanel:CreateDropDown()
    3/8 11:09:30.787      Interface\AddOns\SimpleInterruptAnnounce\ConfigurationPanel.lua:221 a()
    3/8 11:09:30.787      Interface\AddOns\SimpleInterruptAnnounce\ConfigurationPanel.lua:199

    3/8 11:09:30.953  Execution tainted by SimpleInterruptAnnounce while reading UIDROPDOWNMENU_MENU_LEVEL - Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:48
    3/8 11:09:30.953      securecall()
    3/8 11:09:30.953      Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:64 UIDropDownMenu_Initialize()
    3/8 11:09:30.953      Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:455 CompactUnitFrameProfilesGeneralOptionsFrameSortByDropdown:updateFunc()
    3/8 11:09:30.953      Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:184 CompactUnitFrameProfiles_UpdateCurrentPanel()
    3/8 11:09:30.953      Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:171 CompactUnitFrameProfiles_ActivateRaidProfile()
    3/8 11:09:30.953      Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:45 CompactUnitFrameProfiles_ValidateProfilesLoaded()
    3/8 11:09:30.953      Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_CUFProfiles\Blizzard_CompactUnitFrameProfiles.lua:25


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