Getting Involved or Commiting patches


First of all; SkeenCore is always looking for testers and maintainers (although mainly for the different plugins).

To commit updates, without becoming a maintainer, simply post your as a ticket on the ticket tracker: (please choose 'patch' as ticket type)

If however you're interested in becoming a developer, please contact me (SkeenCore), here at curseforge, with a little information about which plugin(s) you're interested in, and possibly your level of coding experience.

I'll then add you as a maintainer for the specific plugin(s), and you'll be able to access the developer repository, and push new versions of the plugin (which will automatically trigger a new release of SkeenCore).

If you're interested in developing a plugin for a currently unsupported class, please go to;

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Date created
Apr 05, 2013
Last updated
May 17, 2013