There are several GUI-Plugins distributed with SkeenCore, these are;

  • GUIDefault
  • GUIDisabled
  • GUIFaceroller
  • GUISpellFlash

The GUIDefault frame, is a frame which looks alike the one from Mutilate, this is the default GUI due to historial reasons, as SkeenCore1 was actually based off Mutilate.

The GUIDefaultRange frame, is the same as the GUIDefault, except it adds a red layer over the 'current' frame, whenever the 'current' spell is out of range.

The GUIDisabled frame, is a no operation GUI, which is simply invisible, used for deactivation.

The GUIFaceroller frame, is GUI decorater, which (with GUIDefault as primary gui) emulates the FaceRoller addons frame.

The GUISpellFlash frame, is GUI decorater, which based upon the SpellFlash addon, effectively trigger a spellflash, on the ability you should use.

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Date created
Apr 05, 2013
Last updated
May 17, 2013