Skill Level

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Skill Level Spellbook

Credits: Gearshaft (original concept)

Version 2.0 is a complete re-write, it's recommended to remove the previous version folder before updating.
A full exit of the game client (or updating before starting the game) is also required as the file structure has changed.

Skill Level

Adds player level equivalent next to the profession skill.
The change is mostly cosmetic but it has some practical application.

For gathering professions this is the equivalent zone level where the player
is more likely to get useful materials and faster skill-ups.

It will also give a quick overview of how close to your current level
your professions are at a glance.

New in v2.0
Skill Level will remind you to visit a trainer if you skill up to a range where training for a higher rank is available.

The relevant information is added to

  • Professions Spellbook
  • Tradeskill Statusbar
  • Trainer Statusbar

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