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6x Updates Still Pending

I'm still planning on updating my derelict addons. No ETA yet, Blizzard would call it "Soon".

Unfortunately this last year has forced some iRL changes that don't afford me as much free time as I used to have. I will get to these updates eventually, just bare with me. I'll see about pushing out critical fixes where functionality is broken when I can.

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This addon adds a series of simple slash commands, usable in macros, that will either delete every occurence of a specific item, or all junk items, from your bags.


The addon has been thoroughly tested by myself and I didn't find any bugs. The item name it matches is always an ''exact match'', so make sure you always put the ''whole item name'' in the command. Most item names in WoW are unique and I haven't found any example of one where the begining of its name was the whole name of another item, but you never know. It is recommended to ''always shift-click'' the item you wich to delete rather than typing it yourself. Once an item has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved and '''I will not be held responsible for any loss of items due to bad usage!'''

If in doubt, use the debug mode first (see below for the command to toggle it), as it will not delete anything.


  • Delete every occurence of an item using its name /sda i [item_name]
  • Delete all junk items (grey quality) /sda junk
  • Delete all grey and white quality items containing the supplied keyword /sda * keyword
  • Show a log of all items deleted in current session /sda log
  • Toggle debug mode on and off. (Will only show items it would otherwise delete, but not delete anything) /sda debug

Usage Examples

  • Use in a fishing macro to delete all unwanted fish before casting the line /sda i Barbed Gill Trout /cast Fishing
  • Use to delete multiple stacks of a useless item that cannot be sold to a vendor instead of draging each of them out of the bag one by one /sda i [Obsidian Warbeads]
  • Use to delete all forms of spider silk from your bags /sda * spider's silk

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Feb 13, 2009
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Jun 13, 2013
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