Sleek Free Bag Slots

Ammo/quiver/soul bag and global only: global count excludes ammo/quiver/soul bag

SleekFreeBagSlots shows the number of bag slots which are free and/or the total number of bag slots. It can show this for individual bags, or for the sum of all of your (carried) bags. It can include special purpose bags in the total or disregard them.

Given that the latest file I've uploaded is Ultimor's except for the WoW client version number, here's his Description also:

Displays number of free and/or total slots per bag or globally with minimal memory and resource usage. It does not open your bags as a single or grouped bag.

Because Ultimor almost ripped his eyes out when he realized how much memory the original Free Bag Slots actually used.

The original by sarf (KiB usage and seconds to load):

["mem"] = 1371,

["time"] = 0.1009999999951106,

["name"] = "FreeBagSlots",

sfbs (1.2) by Ultimor:

["mem"] = 27,

["time"] = 0.004000000073574483,

["name"] = "sfbs",

Source of load data: Warmup (addon by Tekkub)

(note: values are of course not static, and changes on every load, also depending on both system and other addons, etc.)

In summary, if you liked FreeBagSlots but don't have unlimited memory, this addon is probably for you.

/sleekfreebagslots or /sfbs toggle|free|total|showammo|countammo|colour|perbag|global
toggle - toggles sfbs on/off
free - toggles display of free slots
total - toggles display of total slots
showammo - toggles display on special purpose bag slots
colour - toggles colour indication
perbag - toggles display per bag
global - toggles display globally
countammo - toggles inclusion of special purpose bag slots in global

Almost forgot, thanks to Eternalight (of EU-Sunstrider) who tested random crap Ultimor sent while he didn't have an active wow-account, almost everything has been rewritten since though.

Another thank you to Darkrunner (also of EU-Sunstrider) who tested the soul bag support for Ultimor.

This addon should be compatible with any wow-client (including KR), but it's slash-commands are only available in English. Anyone who wants to send me translations is more than welcome to.

DO NOTE, however, that the ammo/quiver option probably does NOT work until proper localization strings has been entered into sfbs\localization.lua

-Known issues-
None reported.


Uploaded update for WoW 6.0.2


Uploaded update for WoW 6.0


Uploaded update for WoW 5.3

[11/28/2012] DonCorneo/personanongratis

Uploaded update for WoW 5.1

[11/3/2010] DonCorneo/personanongratis

Thanks to some coders at WowAce, I was able to get sfbs to work with Cataclysm.

[09/14/09] DonCorneo/personanongratis

I did not write any of the program for SleekFreeBagSlots (also known as FreeBagSlots and sfbs in the WoW addons folder) and do not deserve any credit for it. I am simply managing it while it is working. All the credit goes to the original authors noted above who wrote this addon and fixed it.

This is going to be my first addon management, so if it breaks, I may not be able to fix it. I will not be able to fix any compatibility problems at this time. I just wanted to take this addon out of the "Abandon" category since I still use it and like it over all the others that I have found, and seeing the downloads for it, it looks like others like it too.

I will gladly accept the help of any experienced addon author should a fix be needed, for which credit will be given if asked.

I messaged Ultinor and at this time he has no plans of coming back. I have not received any reply from zorched as of the date of this edit.

This update is purely to show it works with WoW 3.2, no coding changes otherwise.

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  • Avatar of Doctor0Who Doctor0Who Aug 01, 2016 at 19:22 UTC - 0 likes

    Please Update! Love and totally need this addon.


  • Avatar of doncorneo doncorneo Jul 27, 2013 at 22:16 UTC - 0 likes

    The only change was version number to take it "Out of date" status. I had no problems in game so did not make any other changes. Any problems, please post them on WoW Interface.



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