30 - Chat Window option

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
I was just wondering, since I know some people do or plan on gettin bigger monitors, can there be like some kind of style swich that can go from having like none of the gray (like someone ask you about in/on a different page), the standard view (the one that is now) and to something that would hold and auto set that chat window and resize it to fit in that window ?

This is just a Idea anyway!!
Thank you for your hard work and taken it on yourself to start updating this addon I know that not only the person that really got me into playing WOW (even thought I have always been a BIZZHEAD LOL), uses this addon and can't live without but as well as many other but nor could I!!!

Please provide any additional information below.
Just posted the link to what screenshots on the first spartanui'z writers page I was talking about.

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    Pushing all Chat modification back to 3.2.X

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    Already planned



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