What is SpellSearch?

Ever hated flipping endlessly through your Spellbook looking for the spell that you need? This addon addresses that--it allows users to search for their spells in their character's Spellbook, without having to manually click through the pages.

How does SpellSearch work?

When you open your Spellbook in the game, a search box will appear at the bottom of the frame, prompting you to type all or part of a spell name. Any matching spell names (that start with your search term) will automatically display below the search box. If there isn't enough space below the Spellbook to display the matches, they will be displayed above the search box.

The search results will automatically refresh whenever you add or delete text from the search box.

From the search results, you can mouseover the spell icons to view the corresponding tooltips. You can also click on the spell icons to drag them to your actionbars.

Note: Only active spells/abilities in your General and Main Spec tabs will be returned. Future releases will include inactive spells and spells in inactive specs in the search results.

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Date created
Mar 26, 2013
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Jun 07, 2015
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