Storm, Earth, and Fire

Change log

tag v1.0
Kevin Ballard <>
2013-03-29 01:38:58 -0700

Tagging as v1.0


Kevin Ballard:
    - Add a health bar on the spirit frames
    - Add sound alert when sharing a spirit's target
    - Implement a GUI config
    - Track when the player focus changes
    - Add a config key for the mouseover highlight
    - Highlight frames when target is mouseover
    When the player mouses over a spirit's target, highlight the
    corresponding spirit frame.
    - Update config frames when a new spirit is summoned
    The config frames need to be updated in case the textures need shuffling
    around to avoid duplicates.
    - Fix lua error in config mode
    - Better /sef config interface
    Drop the "set" on /sef config <key> <value>
    Cleaner error handling when setting config.
    Support setting deathSound config.
    - Use LibSharedMedia-3.0 for the sound
    - Better error message for invalid /sef invocations
    Also change config list to `/sef config list`, so `/sef config` gives
    the sub-commands.
    - Play a sound when a spirit dies
    - Don't check arena units unless we're in an arena
    - Be more careful with mouseover units
    The mouseover unit can silently disappear with no (reliable) event,
    whenever a mouse button is pressed, so UnitTracker cannot track this
    unit reliably.
    As such, always try to push mouseover to the end of the unitid list, so
    it will only be used when we have no other choice.
    Furthermore, in UpdateRaidIcons(), if the unit is mouseover,
    double-check that it actually exists before believing it when it says
    there's no raid target icon.
    - Restrict UNIT_TARGET to only valid units
    We don't want to risk getting a unit that we don't scan for in
    UNIT_TARGET or we'll never get the unitid out of our system.
    - Clear party/raid units when leaving group
    - Show raid icons for the spirit targets
    When we have a known unitid for a spirit's target, use it to look for
    raid icons. When we lose access to a target, dim out the icon to
    indicate stale data.
    - Add a unitid tracker
    Track when spirit targets gain and lose unitids. This can be used later
    to potentially show target information (e.g. health, raid icon).
    - Use the localized spellname in config mode
    Instead of hard-coding the name "Storm, Earth, and Fire" in config mode,
    just use whatever the game thinks the spell name is.
    - Remove the custom callback code from DB
    We already have CallbackHandler, so we may as well use it to power our
    DB callbacks.
    - Switch over to the external LibStormEarthAndFire-1.0
    - Change Author to Eridius
    - Convert Tracker.lua into a library named LibStormEarthAndFire-1.0
    This is in preparation for splitting the tracker out into its own addon.
    - Add some functions to tracker to query current spirit info
      Returns info about a spirit targeting the given guid, if any.
      Returns the number of active spirits.
      Returns info about the given spirit by index from 1 to NumSpirits().
    - Visually indicate when a spirit shares your target
    Also fix sending SPIRIT_TARGET_END when the player deselects their
    - Properly enable/disable on spec change
    This will also prevent the config UI for showing up for non-monks.
    - Remove debug logs on new/dead spirit
    - Add /sef and /StormEarthAndFire slash-commands
    - Full DB support and config mode
    Provide a DB object that wraps the saved variables.
    Implement a config mode (on by default) that allows for moving of the
    frame and display of dummy data.
    - Basic UI display of spirits
    - Minor fixes to tracker
    Pass `self` to the dispatched functions.
    Test the npcid properly.
    Send the SPIRIT_TARGET_END event when the spirit dies.
    - Initialize properly
    - Initial source


Uploaded on
Mar 29, 2013
Game version
  • 5.2.0
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