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8 - Incompatable with Vuhdo

If I put the Vuhdo panels over the Sunn Viewport panel the scroll wheel input does not pass to the Vuhdo panel. If I move the Vuhdo panel off of the Sunn Viewport panel the scroll wheel inputs will translate to the vuhdo panel and cast the appropriate spell. However, when the Vuhdo panel is over the Sunn Viewport all other mouse buttons will translate to the Vuhdo panel, as expected. It is not sending an error message.
In addition I have Prat over the Sunn Viewport and the scrool wheel works as expected with that addon.

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  • Avatar of Hhalle567 Hhalle567 Oct 22, 2012 at 12:13 UTC - 0 likes

    @Sunn: Go The comment by Sunn implies that this is an issue with Vuhdo, but it is not.

    The problem is that the wow client does not generate mousewheel events outside of the current viewport. Every other input works fine, it is only mousewheel events that won't work.

    To test this, place any unit frame (Vuhdo, Grid, Pitbull - pick any) outside of the current viewport. Clique will work on those frames, mouseover macros bound to keys will work, you can click on these frames to target them - basically everything works.

    Now, create a mouseover macro and bind it to your *mousewheel*. If you mouseover a frame outside the viewport and spin the mousewheel, the macro won't work. If you mouseover a frame inside the viewport and spin the mousewheel, the macro works as expected.

    TL;DR - If you want to use your mousewheel for any keybinds (which you should because they're a great way to 'spam' abilities), then your unit frames must be placed inside the current viewport.

  • Avatar of Sunn Sunn Aug 09, 2010 at 17:55 UTC - 0 likes

    I have reproduced this problem and I have found that this is not an incompatibility with this particular addon, it is a problem with Vuhdo which will not accept mousewheel input in frames that are positioned outside of the WorldFrame, so it will be affected by any viewport changing addon.

    This can be demonstrated by disabling SunnArt completely, then use the following command:

    /script WorldFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT",0,200)

    Place any Vuhdo frame outside of the Worldframe and the mousewheel no longer works on them.

    You can overcome this problem by disabling the viewport with the following command:

    /sunnart global vertviewport



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