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TalentSwap scans your actionbars and macros for removed skills after changing talents.
If it finds any it replaces them (out of combat) with the newly selected talent from that tier (if an active skill).

Author Comment

I was recently looking for an addon with this functionality because I got tired of dragging skills to my actionbars from the spellbook and editing macros (or writing convoluted ones) every time I swapped a talent for a specific encounter.
I found a few; but either they didn't work for me or I thought I could do a better job with the implementation.

TalentSwap has been tested with default actionbars and ElvUI, but it should work with any actionbar mod that doesn't create actionbars from scratch.

I recommend Quick Talents as a nice companion addon for fast talent switching.


  • /talentswap macros|actions (toggles automatic functionality on / off for actionbuttons or macros)
  • /talenswap domacros|doactions (manually performs pending actionbutton or macro replacements)
    By default the addon does it's job automatically and without user interaction if enabled.


I have tested it and used it quite extensively but doing regular backups of your \WTF folder is always recommended ;-)

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May 23, 2013
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Sep 10, 2013
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