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This addon automatically switches your talents on your actionbars when you change talents. It will also parse your macros and substitute in your active talents over any inactive ones from the same tier.

Also allows the saving of commonly used builds.

Usage and known issues:
Automatic talent replacement will only occur if you select an "active" talent. Passive talents will not be swapped in - the addon will leave the active talent from your bar as a reminder of which slots were in use. If that slot remains unchanged, it will be reused when you reselect an active talent from that tier.
I swap from Diffuse Magic to Dampen Harm. Diffuse magic is automatically taken off of my bars and replaced with Dampen Harm.
I then swap to Healing Elixirs. Dampen harm remains, but is inactive.
I then switch back to Diffuse Magic. Diffuse Magic is palced on my bar where Dampen Harm used to be.

The macro parser only works for the correct capitalisation of talent names. This means that you can "opt-out" of the macro update by using all lower-case.
I have Diffuse Magic and Tiger's Lust, and the following macro:
/use [nomod] Diffuse Magic
/use [mod] tiger's lust

I switch to Dampen Harm and Celerity, and the macro automatically becomes:
/use [nomod] Dampen Harm
/use [mod] tiger's lust

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  • Avatar of Yxiomel Yxiomel Apr 13, 2013 at 19:07 UTC - 0 likes

    @SwatKat87: Go

    If I understand what you are looking for, this is in the works and I am just testing it before I push the new code. Whenever anything changes your macros, the addon will have a look and correct any inactuive talents to the active ones as long as you capitalise them correctly. For example, if i were to write or edit a macro to contain Displacer Beast while I actually had Wild Charge selected, it would automatically become Wild Charge once I finished editting.

  • Avatar of SwatKat87 SwatKat87 Apr 07, 2013 at 01:55 UTC - 0 likes

    I love this addon, I have been searching for something like this for some time now.

    All it's missing to be 100% perfect is the ability for the addon to update immediately after manually editing and saving a macro. The reason I ask for this is because I use the addon MacroBank, which lets me create sets of macros that can be swapped out when changing specs. I like to change specs often (such as all 4 specs of druid) and editing my macros constantly become a pain, macrobank lets me save a set of macros for each of the 4 specs, and going from spec:1 to spec:2, I can decide which profile of macros are swapped. it does this by rewriting my current macros. If your addon could detect that rewrite then this addon would be a dream come true (though it pretty much already is)

    if TL;DR then say I make a simple /cast Wild Charge macro while specced into Displacer Beast, once I either hit the escape button or the SAVE button to save it, it automatically becomes Displacer Beast right on the spot. Adding that feature would make this addon even better!



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