17 - option to disable the right click drop down menu

I'd like to be able to disable the right click on blank space drop down menu.
I miss click all the time and this menu pops up and gets in my freakin way.
Modifying the menu to go away when you left click on blank space would help, but i'd rather just not see it ever.
Quite annoying to have it pop open 20 times a day when it's use is to config things, something that happens once on install and maybe a few times after.
I know that having the config menu show up in the blizz addon config menu is a 'to do', perhaps the option could be added then.

thanks for the time put in on this addon. it really is one of my can't live without addons.


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Shefki Aug 07, 2009 at 21:24 UTC Changed status from New to Accepted
haoma Feb 06, 2009 at 14:25 UTC Create

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  • Avatar of Shefki Shefki Jul 24, 2009 at 01:54 UTC - 0 likes

    The right click menu is going to go away entirely as it exists currently if I ever find the time to finish the new config dialogs.

  • Avatar of JStrese JStrese Jun 17, 2009 at 23:00 UTC - 0 likes

    Yep, I also support this idea.

    It wouldn't be bad, but when you click TBag when the menu is open, it doesn't go away.. even though it doesn't have "focus". It's really a pain in the ass :]



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