55 - items not showing in Pandaria

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Curse Client, Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1

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When I am questing in Pandaria and when I am in the holiday dungeon (I have not tried other dungeons) since WoW 5.0.5 items placed in my bag stop showing up in the bags, even though the item count is correct. In the holiday dungeon I would get the brew from the dark maiden and not be able to see it in my bags at all. While questing I have had full bags but it looked like there were 10 empty spaces. I also have noticed that when my bags aren't full items don't show up when I collect them. When I reload it works for about 20 minutes and then starts doing this again.

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_NPCScan - _NPCScan AuctionMaster - 5.1.0 Bagnon - 5.0.4 Deadly Boss Mods - 4.11.3 EasyMail from Cosmos - 3.1.9 FishermansFriend - r120 HealBot Continued - Nauticus - 4.0.5 Overachiever - achievement tools and tweaks - v0.67 RangeColors - 2.1.5 Recount - v5.0.5a release SilverDragon - v3.0 TBag-Shefki - 20120929-432 TomTom - v50001-1.2.1

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Raaltina Oct 14, 2012 at 18:51 UTC Create

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Oct 14, 2012
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