Change log


  • Buff/Debuff icons can now sort by stacks.
  • Added a few more popup notifications when invalid settings/actions are entered/performed.
  • Icons will now be automatically enabled when you select an icon type.
  • Incorporated LibDogTag-Stats-3.0 into TellMeWhen's various implementations of LibDogTag-3.0.
  • The Mastery condition now uses GetMasteryEffect() isntead of GetMastery(). The condition will now be comparable to the total percentage increase granted by mastery instead of the value that has to be multiplied by your spec's mastery coefficient (which is no longer shown in Blizzard's character sheet.)
  • TMWOptDB now uses AceDB-3.0. One benefit of this is that the suggestion list will now always be locale-appropriate.
  • The suggestion list for units is now much more useful.
  • The suggestion list now has a warning in the tooltip when inserting spells that interfere with the names of equivalencies.
  • The suggestion list now pops up a help message the first time it is shown.
  • The group sorting option to sort by duration now treats spells that are on the GCD as having no cooldown.
  • You can now copy an icon's events and conditions by right-click-dragging the icon to another icon.
    • You can also copy group conditions between groups this way.
  • When right-click-dragging an icon to an icon that has multiple icons in the same place, you can now choose which one you would like the destination to be.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Buff/Debuff icons that are set to sort by low duration should now properly display unlimited duration auras when there is nothing else to display.
    • The Ranged Attack Power condition should now always use the proper RAP value.
    • Fixed some "You are not in a raid group" errors.
    • All features in TellMeWhen that track items (including Item Cooldown icons and any item conditions) are universally able to accept slotIDs as input, and all features will now correctly distinguished equipped items from items in your bag when tracking by slotID. This is the result of a new, robust system for managing items.


  • New Icon Type: Buff/Debuff Check (for checking missing raid buffs).
  • New advanced feature: Lua Snippets
  • New advanced icon event handler: Lua Execution
  • Mass refactoring has taken place. You will need to restart WoW when upgrading to this version of TellMeWhen.
  • Multi-state Cooldown icons can now keep track of spell charges.
  • Added a new setting to the Runes condition that allows you to force the condition to check for non-death runes.
  • Rune icons can now distinguish between checking normal runes and death runes.
  • Rune icons have an option to show extra unusable runes as charges.
  • Added a buff equivalency to track absorbtion shields ("DamageShield").
  • New Conditions:
    • NPC ID
    • Weekday
    • Time of Day
    • Quest Complete
    • Spell Cast Count
    • Absorbtion shield amount
    • Unit Incoming heals
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The IncreasedStats equivalency should now always properly check for the Legacy of the Emperor buff
    • Groups being moved (dragged around) should now much more reliably detatch from your cursor when they are supposed to.
    • Fixed an accidental inversion of the 1st param to TMW_LOCK_TOGGLED
    • Replaced Blood Pact with Dark Intent for the IncreasedStamina equivalency.
    • The "All Types" setting for Loss of Control icons should now work as intended.
    • Attempted to fix issue where the "You are not in a raid" message would be cause by TellMeWhen.
    • Fixed: Components\IconModules\IconModule_Alpha\Alpha.lua:145 attempt to perform arithmetic on field "actualAlphaAtLastChange" (a nil value)
    • Fixed: IconType_unitcooldown\unitcooldown.lua:270 attempt to index local "NameHash" (a boolean value)
    • Conditions that use the c.GCDReplacedNameFirst condition substitution will no longer fail to compile when the spell being subbed in contains a double quote.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an offset error with the Instance Type condition.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • Forgot to remove a call to a method that was retired in 5.2 when I upgraded the code to work with 5.2 (GetInstanceDifficulty).


  • New icon type: Swing Timer.
  • New conditions: Swing Timer - Main Hand; Swing Timer - Off Hand.
  • Added textures to the icon type select menu.
  • All pre-MoP compatibility code has been removed.
  • You can now use item slot IDs as dynamic Custom Texture values. Syntax is $item.1, where 1 is the item slot ID (1-19) that you want to use.
  • Added a setting to customize the shadow on text displays.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Text from the Text Displays module should now always appear above all other icon elements.
    • Fixed: Core\Conditions\Categories\PlayerAttributes.lua:60: attempt to call upvalue "GetInstanceDifficulty" (a nil value)
    • The ALPHA_STACKREQ and ALPHA_DURATIONREQ data processor hooks should now properly trigger the TMW_ICON_UPDATED event when their state changes, which will allow meta icons (that check icons that implement these hooks) to properly update as needed.
    • The "Talent learned", "Glyph active", and "Tracking active" conditions should now always update properly when checked in a condition set where there are OnUpdate driven conditions in a higher position than these conditions.
    • Editboxes will no longer have their text reset if they are focused and have unsaved changes when a non-editbox setting is changed.


  • Added a new tag [LocType] to display the category of loss of control icon types.
  • New slash command for changing profiles: /tmw profile "Profile Name"
  • Animations can now be anchored to different components of an icon (when appropriate).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Designed a new protocol for sharing class spells to prevent the old version of it that was dramatically flawed from leaking into a new version of it.
    • Icon Color Flash animations should now work correctly.
    • Rewrote (but mostly just refactored) the database initialization process so that it runs in a much more logical fashion, and also so it allows for upgrades in the "global" DB namespace to run when they are supposed to.
    • Rewrote (but mostly just refactored) event configuration code.
    • The [Opacity] tag should now properly return a number instead of a boolean.
    • Added Mind Quickening to the IncreasedSpellHaste equivalency
    • Fixed [string "ConditionEvents_SPELLCHARGETIME"] line 3: attempt to call global 'GetSpellCharges' (a nil value)
    • The group "Only show in combat" setting is now handled by the group's event handlers (instead of conditions) to prevent Script ran too long errors (hopefully).
    • Invented a new method for moving the Icon Editor so that it won't jump around all over the place anymore.
    • Fixed an issue with DetectFrame for GroupModule_GroupPosition (Thanks to ChairmanKaga, ticket #740).
    • Event handlers that are changed from an event that has short condition checking enabled to an event that does not have condition checking should now function correctly.
    • It should no longer be possible for the bottom of the icon editor to extend off your screen and preventing you from resizing it.


  • Added a new text output handler for the Instance channel, and updated existing chat output methods for this channel.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed error Interface\AddOns\TellMeWhen\TellMeWhen.lua:155: table index is nil


  • New icon display method: Bars.
  • New icon type: Loss of Control (WoW 5.1+ only)
  • You may notice some slight changes to the way your text layouts appear, especially if you used the Constrain Width setting. You will have to re-adjust your old layouts to achieve old functionality, which will probably require adding a second anchor to any affected text displays.
  • New group option: Group Opacity.
  • New conditions: Buff/Debuff Duration Percentage.
  • The "Class Colored Names" setting was removed due to internal conflicts with DogTag and the implementation of this setting.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Conditions with minimum values less than zero should now allow for these values to be selected.
    • The Show Timer Text option should now work properly with Tukui.
    • You should no longer see an error randomly telling you that TMW can't do an action in combat when no action has been triggered.
    • Logging in while in combat with Masque installed without the Allow Config in Combat option enabled should no longer leave icons in a mangled state.
    • Logging in while in combat with the Allow Config in Combat option enabled should now have a much lower chance of triggering a 'script ran too long' error.
    • Items whose cooldown durations are reported as being 0.001 seconds should no longer be treated as being usable.
    • Added missing spells to the SpellDamageTaken equivalency
    • Attempted a fix for error <string>:"Condition_SPELLDMG":3: Usage: GetSpellBonusDamage(school)
    • All slashes in custom texture paths will be converted to backslashes upon processing.
    • The [Name] DogTag should now always update properly.
    • Fixed the error stemming from Components\Core\Spells\ClassSpellCache.lua:215 ()? running while in combat.


  • New icon event: On Condition Set Passing. Allows you to create an event handler that reacts to the state of a condition set.
  • New icon event: On Icon Setup. Essentially allows you to have a "default state" for icon animations.
  • Added a dropdown menu to select an icon when right clicking a spot on your screen that contains multiple icons.
  • Conditions with no maximum value (e.g. Health/Mana; any condition that checks a time) now allow manual input of a value.
  • There is now an option to allow configuration while in combat (as opposed to allowing at all the time with potential bugs, the options module now loads at login when this option is enabled to prevent many errors and bugs).
  • New conditions:
    • Spell charge time
    • In pet battle
    • Equipment set equipped
    • Icon Shown Time
    • Icon Hidden Time
  • New setting for Buff/Debuff icons: Hide if no units.
  • Added Challenge Mode and 40 Player raid to the Instance Type condition.
  • The Totem icon type has been re-focused towards the Rune of Power talent for mages.
  • The Buff Efficiency Threshold setting is back.
  • Changed all file encodings to UTF-8 in hopes of fixing the loading problems that many users are having.
  • The [Duration] tag now has a parameter that allows for the GCD to be ignored ([Duration(gcd=false)])
  • Added a separate toggle for the Show Timer Text option that only affects the timer text that ElvUI provides.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Minimum group frame level is now 5 instead of 1 to prevent issues caused at low frame levels.
    • Increased the delay on LoadFirstValidIcon from 0.1 seconds to 0.5 seconds in hopes of preventing the AceCD:804 error more often.
    • Soul shard condition maximum has been increased to 4 (from 3).
    • The lightwell icon type should now work properly with the Lightspring glyph.
    • Tried again to fix the AceCD:804 error. Probably didn't succeed.
    • Fixed an incorrect spellID for Spirit Beast Blessing in the IncreasedMastery equivalency.
    • Groups should now properly show/hide as needed when you change between primary/secondary talents specializations when both specializations are the same.
    • Condition Object Constructors are now much more reliable (at the cost of some garbage churn when running TMW:Update())
    • Fix attempted for GroupModule_GroupPosition\Config.lua line 47: attempt to index local 'Module' (a nil value)
    • IncreasedStats should now properly include Legacy of the Emperor
    • Fixed Components\IconTypes\IconType_unitcooldown\unitcooldown.lua:317 attempt to index local 'NameHash' (a boolean value)
    • Fixed Components\IconModules\IconModule_PowerBar\PowerBar.lua:128 attempt to index local 'colorinfo' (a nil value)
    • Fixed Components\IconModules\IconModule_Alpha\Alpha.lua:96 attempt to compare nil with number
    • The "Show Timer Text" option now works with ElvUI
    • Fixed TellMeWhen: Condition MELEEAP tried to write values to Env different than those that were already in it.
    • Attempted some fixes at some obscure bugs that can happen with replacement spells (e.g. tracking Immolate in a debuff icon was getting force-changed to Corruption in Affliction spec.)
    • Removed the blank normaltexture that every icon had because of issues it causes in WoW 5.1
    • The Instance Type condition should now work properly.
    • Hacked in a fix for <string>:"local _G = _G -- 1...":6: attempt to index field "__functions" (a nil value)
    • Item conditions show now correctly work if the item that they are tracking was entered by name and wasn't in your bags at login.
    • When a profile in the import menus has more than 10 groups, its groups will be split into submenus so that they don't run off the screen.
    • Attempted a fix at the issue with text corruption when typing Chinese characters into DogTag formatted editboxes.
    • The glyph condition should now work correctly when its logic is set to false.
    • You should no longer be spammed with messages telling you that you are not in a guild.
    • The Show icon texture setting for MikSBT text output should now function as intended.
    • Attempted a fix for TellMeWhen.lua line 2333: attempt to get length of field 'CSN' (a nil value)
    • A Special note: r450 concludes a series of 9 bogus commits that were made in order to restore the revision number of the repo back to where it was before the data loss that struck CurseForge's SVN repos on 11/7


  • Re-implemented the stance condition for paladin seals.
  • Minor updates for some buff/debuff equivalancies. Still need help getting these completely up to date, though! If you notice something missing, please let me know!
  • You can now change the event of an event handler once it has been created.
  • New setting for Combat Event icons - Don't Refresh.
  • Added Raid Finder to the Instance Type condition.
  • You can now output text to the UI Errors Frame.
  • Moved the Timers ignore GCD & Bars ignore GCD settings from per-profile to per-icon.
  • Updated Unit Cooldown icons for all cooldown resets in MoP.
  • DR categories should now be complete for MoP. Please report any missing spells.
  • You can once again toggle config mode in combat. You may still get script ran too long errors if TellMeWhen_Options has not been loaded yet and you unlock in combat, but it won't break anything.
  • You can now reorder groups.
  • Added a setting to make colors ignore the GCD. It is enabled by default.
  • Added center text as a default text layout.
  • New condition: Unit is Player.
  • Unit conditions now allow Lua conditions.
  • Unit conditions now allow you to track the target of the icon's units.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed static formats again (ICONMENU_MULTISTATECD_DESC)
    • (Condition ROLE): attempt to index global "roles" (a nil value)
    • Buff/debuff duration sorting actually works now!
    • TellMeWhen_Options.lua:3351: attempt to index local "settingsUsedByEvent" (a nil value)
    • Announcements.lua:531: attempt to concatenate local "Text" (a nil value)
    • Leader of the Pack should now be properly checked by the IncreasedCrit equivalency
    • Fixed a major flaw with importing profiles from backup or from other profiles in the db
    • (Condition THREATRAW): attempt to call global 'UnitDetailedThreatSituation' (a nil value)
    • Fixed cooldown resetting with unitcooldown icons. Spells still not really updated for MoP
    • Fixed a bug where colors weren't being updated when the duration of an icon changes. Colors still suck, but at least they should work (better) now.
    • Fixed a bag bug that will completely break most configuration after cloning a text layout
    • Fixed a bug where profiles of version 60032 or earlier could not be imported by version 60033 or later.
    • Fixed an error caused by dragging certain talents/specialization spells onto icons.
    • Wrote a library (LibSpellRange-1.0) to solve the range checking problem in MoP.
    • Texts.lua line 438: attempt to compare nil with number - Fixed for real this time!
    • The talent specialization condition will now properly allow all four choices for druids.
    • The pet talent tree conditions should no longer be listed for non-hunters.
    • As a workaround to a strange bug in DogTag, the [Stacks] tag now returns a number value instead of a string. All default and otherwise reasonable variations of [Stacks:Hide('0') should automatically be upgraded.
    • Unit conditions now actually work with icon types other than Buff/Debuff.
    • Fixed an error with the GCD condition on login.
    • The behavior of the link parameter for Item Cooldown icons' [Spell] DogTag should no longer be backwards.
    • Shift-clicking links into the text announcement input box should now format them correctly for DogTag. Existing links cannot/will not be updated.
    • Fixed errors with mismatched frames and channels in the text output event configuration.
    • Attempted a fix for an error involving data from the last used suggestion module to leak into the DogTag suggestion module.


  • Cooldown icons should now provide much better functionality when checking multiple spells. Single-spell functionality should (hopefully) remain unchanged.
  • Updated the name and description of the "Spell Cast Succeeded" Combat Event to reflect that it now only tracks instant cast spells.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Bumped TellMeWhen_Options interface number
    • Fixed warlock stance suggestions
    • Removed paladin auras
    • Fixed name coloring issue
    • Fixed an error with range checking invalid spells
    • Holy power limit increased to 5
    • The "Show Variable text" setting should no longer cause errors
    • Fixed the GCD spell for warriors (again)
    • Fixed an issue with static formats and ptBR, zhCN, and zhTW.
    • \Core\Conditions\Categories\BuffsDebuffs.lua:56 attempt to index global 'strlowerCache' (a nil value)


  • Bug fix: Fixed positioning issues when using Masque.


  • This is by and large the biggest update that TMW has ever seen. There were so many changes that I lost track of them. Here are a few:
  • Full support for Mists of Pandaria. If anything is missing, please open a ticket.
  • Almost everything in TMW is now modular. The most immediate effect of this is that the main tab in the icon editor is now divided into panels for each component that is contributing to an icon.
  • Implemented LibDogTag as the text manager for TMW instead of TMW's old (and very limited) system. You can now create text layouts that can be applied to an icon to dictate how the texts for that icon will be displayed.
  • You can now specify a new set of conditions that are attached to the units that an icon checks. This is the replacement for the now-removed ability to track "%u" as a unit in icon conditions.
  • You can now select any of the 4 sound channels to play sounds to (instead of just Master and SFX).
  • You can now list specific totems to be checked by totem icons.
  • Added On Left Click and On Right Click event handlers to icons.
  • You can now change the direction that icons layout in within a group.
  • Spell Crit is now an event that can be tracked by Combat Event icons.
  • New Conditions:
    • Added a condition to check if you have your mouse over a frame (group or icon).
    • Added conditions to check if you have a certain glyph active.
    • Added a condition to check the creature type (Undead, Humanoid, Demon, etc.) of a unit.
  • There are many, many more changes not listed here. I recommend that you just start configuring TellMeWhen to see what all has changed.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r485) (Condition): attempt to call global "GetEclipseDirection" (a nil value)


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r483) Unit Cooldown icons checking spells by name should now function properly.
    • (r483) Cooldown sweeps and other icon components are no longer anonymous frames, returning to their previous nomenclature appended by an underscore and the icon's view type (Currently only "icon", more coming soon)
    • (r483) Fixed a faulty upgrade of the "Pass Through" setting when upgrading past 50035. Settings that already had this faulty upgrade occur may notice that the "Pass Through" setting on some of their events was toggled from checked to unchecked.


  • Super cool changes:
    • All icon types have been changed to be entirely event based, meaning that they will no longer update themselves when they don't need to, resulting in a (tremendous) performance increase.
    • The Condition engine has been completely rewritten and is now almost entirely event driven, resulting in another (tremendous) performance increase.
    • Events have been completely rewritten to allow an unlimited amount of handlers to be created for an icon (instead of one text, one sound, and one animation per event per icon as previously).
    • You can now sort all of the icons of a group based on attributes like duration, stacks, and opacity.
  • Pretty cool changes:
    • You can now check units relative to the special condition unit '%u' (for example, '%u-target' or '%upettarget').
    • There is now an option (enabled by default) to color the names of units in text displays and outputs.
    • Added slash commands to easily enable or disable icons and groups.
    • Added Floating Combat Text as a text output.
    • Added two new animations: Icon Border and Icon Image Overlay.
    • You can now press tab to insert the first entry that is displayed in the suggestion list.
  • Really boring changes:
    • The icon listing in dropdowns for meta icons, condition icons, and others is now much prettier and more informative.
    • Enrage is now a proper dispel type, and no longer relies on a pre-defined list of enrages.
    • Implemented a proper class-based inheritance system for many objects (Icons, Icon Types, Groups, Condition Groups).
    • Icons that check units now have their units managed behind the scenes whenever possible so that icons aren't trying to check units that don't exist.
    • You can now drag spells and items to the Custom Texture editbox to easily insert the texture of that spell or item.
    • Power bars and Timer bars have been shipped out into their own files, so a completely restart will be needed if you want to use them.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r427) (Condition): attempt to call global 'GetPrimaryTalentTree' (a nil value)
    • (r428) (Condition): attempt to call global 'IsResting' (a nil value)
    • (r428) conditions.lua line 447: attempt to compare nil with number
    • (r429) Implemented a workaround for Blizzard's mismanagement of color in the Raid Warning Frame text output
    • (r429) TellMeWhen_Options.lua:1434: attempt to index local "icon" (a nil value)
    • (r429) An icon/group should no longer be treated as if it has failing conditions after it had conditions that were failing, but those conditions were removed
    • (r430) Fixed the list of unitIDs used to guess a unit's class
    • (r431) A unit's class should now be properly detected when the unit is from another server
    • (r434) Icon Show/Hide events should work once again
    • (r435) Unit substitutions should work once again
    • (r436) Fixed a bug causing the wrong data to be reported for Combat Event events
    • (r437) When a meta icon changes the icon it is checking, it should no longer stop any animations that the meta icon itself initiated (non-inherited animations)
    • (r439) TellMeWhen-5.0.0.lua:4227: attempt to index local "ic" (a number value)
    • (r441) TellMeWhen-5.0.0.lua:3572: attempt to compare nil with number
    • (r442) (Not really a bug fix): Added an option to TMW's main settings to temporarily disable the new update mechanism, reverting to the old method.
    • (r451) TellMeWhen-enUS.lua:404: nesting of [[...]] is deprecated near "["
    • (r452) The Resting condition should now properly update when entering a battleground/dungeon/etc while resting, and vice-versa.
    • (r453) Combat Event icons should no longer process any sound/text/animation events when their parent group is hidden.
    • (r459) TellMeWhen-5.0.0.lua:4740: attempt to index field "OnDuration" (a boolean value)
    • (r461) TellMeWhen.lua line 3105: attempt to index field '?' (a boolean value)
    • (r462) AceDB-3.0-22.lua:104 in function <Ace3\AceDB-3.0\AceDB-3.0.lua:100 table index is NaN (MAYBE)
    • (r464) Fixed meta icons that check entire groups
    • (r467) TellMeWhen-5.0.0.lua:3018: attempt to concatenate local "name" (a nil value)
    • (r468) Meta icons that are checking conditions show now properly update themselves when the state of their conditions change
    • (r469) Buff/Debuff "Number of" conditions should work properly now.
    • (r469) Sorting Buffs/Debuffs should now work if only one aura is being checked by the icon (the unit being checked may have more than one auras of the same name/ID, or the icon may be checking multiple units.)
    • (r470) Icons that are being watched by On Icon Show/Hide events should now always be registered with the icon update engine to ensure that the icons that depend on these events function as expected
    • (r471) TellMeWhen-5.0.0.lua:522: attempt to index local "h" (a nil value)
    • (r472) TellMeWhen_Options.lua:4797: attempt to concatenate local "i" (a nil value)
    • (r476) TellMeWhen-5.0.0.lua:457: attempt to index local "h" (a nil value)
    • (r477) Buff/debuff icons that sort or that exceed the efficiency threshold should now properly update and display the unit they check when requested
    • (r478) CLEU icons should once again not process their events when the icon or the icon's group is hidden
    • (r479) Attempted a fix at activation overlay borders appearing underneath the icon they are playing on


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r423) Events with conditions (Duration, Stacks changed) should now handle animations and sound properly.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r421) You should no longer lock up when using the GCD condition


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r412) icd.lua:134 attempt to index field 'HELP' (a nil value)
    • (r413) Meta icons that are sorted by high duration should now diplay the first icon shown if no icons have an active timer
    • (r414) Combat Event icons that have spell filters without defined durations should now properly fall back to the icon-wide duration
    • (r416) Meta icons that are set to sort should once again sort
    • (r417) The icon unit setting should now always save when using the dropdown to change it


  • New icon type: Combat Event. Displays information about combat events according to filters that you can set. Full support for events, including text output.
  • Rewrote the entire animation system to allow meta icons to inherit icon animations.
  • Text outputs now substitute a hyperlink for '%s' when appropriate.
  • You can now leave the unit cooldown icon's "Unit(s) to watch" field blank to track all known units.
  • New animation: Icon: Alpha Flash.
  • Icon animations can now be set to play indefinitely (or until stopped by the Icon: Stop Animations animation trigger).
  • Removed Entangling Roots from the CrowdControl debuff equivalency.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r384) Weapon enchant should now be properly detected in zhCH clients
    • (r384) The weapon enchant suggestion list should now properly display shaman enchants in zhTW clients
    • (r384) TellMeWhen_Options.lua:2092 Usage: GetAddon(name): 'name' - Cannot find an AceAddon 'LUI_Cooldown'
    • (r385) Moving/Swapping an icon that the icon editor is editing shouldn't cause the old settings to stick around
    • (r390) Weapon enchant icons should now always detect the current weapon enchant in a timely manner for rogue characters
    • (r391) Added the debuff that results from being the the target of a warrior who casts intimidating shout with the glyph to the Feared debuff equivalency
    • (r396) Buff/debuff icons should now set an ID as their spell checked rather than a name, allowing them to function more completely with the hyperlink feature of r395
    • (r397) Animations inherited by a meta icon should now properly cancel when the meta icon changes to an icon with no animations
    • (r398) Both ranks of Shattered Barrier should now be included in the "Rooted" equivalency
    • (r401) Conditions that check units should now work again (oops)
    • (r402) Condition:1: attempt to index global "c" (a nil value)
    • (r403) StaticFormats.lua line 27: bad argument #1 to 'format' (number expected, got string)
    • (r406) Fixed a small bug with the timers on Condition Icons
    • (r409) Spell durations containing a decimal should now be properly inserted via the suggestion list when durations are inserted


  • New Feature: Animations. You can now pick animations to play when an icon event occurs, such as having the screen shake or an icon flash.
  • All event outlets have a "Play" button that you can test the event with.
  • You can now change the "Show Timer Text" option if LUI is the only addon enabled that can handle cooldown timer texts.
  • Changed the "Hide when slot is empty" to include hiding the icon if the slot being checked contains a shield or off-hand frill.
  • Implemented the "Failed Conditions" opacity setting for meta icons.
  • Slightly reworked the import dropdown to more accurately detect the group being edited, and to disallow importing of a data type where that data type is not being edited.
  • Added buttons to the icon editor to allow easy switching between recently edited icons.
  • Added suggestions for text substitutions.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r356) Attempted a fix for default.lua:70 attempt to concatenate global 'input' (a table value)
    • (r358) Icons tracking multiple elements whose start times are exactly the same should now properly update their timers when the first element gives yield to the second after timer expiration.
    • (r358) Attempted a fix for TellMeWhen_Options.lua:2163: attempt to index upvalue 'HELP' (a nil value)
    • (r360) If a meta icon is directly checking another meta icon, and the meta icon being checked changes the icon that is is checking, the meta icon checking the other meta icon should now properly update its inherited settings.
    • (r365) Buff/Debuff icons tracking the "Enrage" dispel type only should now always show the correct texture in configuration.
    • (r368) Lightwell glyph detection was apparently a little iffy. Added some manual checks in case the events don't fire when they should.
    • (r370) The "ReducedArmor" equivalency should now track raptors' "Tear Armor" debuff properly.
    • (r372) TellMeWhen_Options-r369.lua:278 attempt to index local "f" (a nil value)
    • (r378) Icon flashers should now work properly without Masque.
    • (r379) Fixed a bug that was preventing importing from a group in which the first icon is blank.
    • (r379) Fixed (kinda) the status bar when exporting large pieces of data from TMW's Ace options dialogs.
    • (r380) TellMeWhen-r379.lua:1803 bad argument #2 to "format" (number expected, got nil)


  • New Icon Type: Lightwell
  • Condition icons now use the Custom Texture editbox to select their texture instead of the Choose Name editbox (for consistency)
  • You can now output text to the raid warning frame without actually sending a raid warning to your raid.
  • You can now export icons to an entire raid or your entire guild by typing "RAID" or "GUILD" as the name to export to.
  • Meta icons can now sort their components based on their current duration.
  • Added an option to color the border of Masque skins with the coloring applied to icons. This setting can be found under the *Global Colors* config in TMW's main options.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r344) Temporary fix (I hope) for the bug where OmniCC timers would randomly stop after a timer was refreshed.
    • (r345) TellMeWhen.lua:1467 table index is nil
    • (r346) The suggestion list for weapon enchants should once again function properly.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r342) Condition icons will no longer spam their event outputs when "Only show if timer is active" is enabled.


  • Completely redid the color system. Colors are now defined (in the main optons) globally, with the option to configure them per icon type and override the global settings.
  • Addded "%p" as a substitution for the name of the previously checked unit.
  • Unit substitutions can be used as the destination for a whisper text output.
  • You can right-click-drag icons anywhere on screen to anchor them to any mouse enabled frame, or to move an icon into a new group.
  • Added a setting to disable new version warnings.
  • It is now easier to delete old groups.
  • Added substitutions "%d" for duration and "%k" for stacks.
  • Added events for duration and stack changes, and expanded event settings.
  • Performance Increase: Icons should no longer update themselves multiple times within one update period when the update interval is set to zero and the icon is being checked by multiple metas/conditions.
  • You can now set a group as a component of a meta icon, causing the meta icon to check all icons that are part of the selected group.
  • Meta icons now support the "Always Hide" setting.
  • Conditions can now check "%u" as a unit, which will substitute in whatever unit the icon is currently checking.
  • Added conditions to check absolute and max values of resources.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r316) TellMeWhen_Options.lua:2831: attempt to index local "spaceControl" (a nil value)
    • (r321) The runic power condition should now properly track runic power instead of mana.
    • (r324) Meta icons should once again properly inherit colors from Masque.
    • (r327) TellMeWhen_Options.lua line 3189: attempt to call method 'IsVisible' (a nil value)
    • (r328) It should no longer be possible to have an icon shown condition check the icon that it is a child of.
    • (r328) Switching profiles while TMW is unlocked should no longer cause icon coloring to malfunction.
    • (r329) TellMeWhen-4.6.7.lua:3469: attempt to index local "settings" (a nil value)
    • (r332) Binding/label text should now properly clear when resetting an icon.
    • (r334) Fixed a bug with meta icons checking other meta icon without "Check sub-metas" enabled
    • (r335) TellMeWhen-4.6.7.lua:1771: attempt to index local "condition" (a number value)
    • (r335) TellMeWhen_Options.lua:3883: Usage: TellMeWhen_IconEditorSoundEventSettingsValue:SetText("text")
    • (r336) Fixed a bug with condition icon timers resetting themselves when conditions begin failing.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r310) Fixed sound event text overflow bug
    • (r311) Possibly fixed a bug that was causing the event settings of deleted groups to stick around
    • (r312) Added Sudden Death/Colossus Smash to the cooldown reset tracker for Unit Cooldown icons
    • (r313) TellMeWhen will no longer completely break when loading with ButtonFacade but not Masque installed


  • The suggestion list has been completely rewritten, and many features have been added.
  • Seeing as Masque has been out for a month now, I think it is safe to say that ButtonFacade is now obsolete. Removed all support for ButtonFacade
  • Added a setting to make events only fire if the icon is shown.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r300) default.lua:67: attempt to index local 'ics' (a nil value)
    • (r301) TellMeWhen_Options-4.6.4.lua:5575 bad argument #1 to "pairs" (table expected, got nil)
    • (r302) You can now properly undo a change in sound file
    • (r302) TellMeWhen-4.6.6.lua:2259: bad argument #3 to "format" (number expected, got nil)
    • (r302) TellMeWhen-4.6.6.lua:192: attempt to compare nil with number
    • (r304) Fixed various bugs relating to inserting text into strings with multibyte characters (zhCN, zhTW, koKR, ruRU)
    • (r307) TellMeWhen_Options.lua:4662: Usage: GetModule(name, silent): "name" - Cannot find module "cooldown"
    • (r307) Imported strings created in r307+ into r307+ will now try extra hard to fix any errors casued by Blizzard's buggy editboxes.
    • (r308) Event settings in the icon editor should now always updated to reflect their current setting.
    • (r308) Fixed buggy event button texts for zhCN and zhTW clients.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r294) Fixed a bug where conditions were being erroneously attached to an icon/group after adding a condition and then removing all conditions.
    • (r294) TellMeWhen.lua line 1452: attempt to index local 'condition' (a number value)
    • (r296) TellMeWhen_Options.lua:2703: Missing version of data


  • New Condition: Pet talent tree.
  • You can now undo and redo changes made to icon settings.
  • Rewrote the help module, and migrated/added some new warnings to it.
  • Diminishing return category mismatch warnings are now much more informative.
  • The condition editor is prettier now.
  • There is now a unique default condition type (instead of just using the health condition, which caused many issues.)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r270) Export strings with a pipe character should now work properly
    • (r271) Temporary fix for failed assertion when calling Parser:SetSpellByID(109388)
    • (r272) Multi-state cooldowns will now reflect the spell being displayed in their %s variable (bindings/text output).
    • (r273) The slot settings for Wild Mushroom icons and other totem icon variants can once again be configured without error.
    • (r276) Fixed a breaking typo in the enUS locale file.
    • (r281) TellMeWhen\Types\dr.lua:182 table index is nil
    • (r282) Pet talent tree localization was incorrect for some languages due to my crafty attempts to be crafty
    • (r290) Blank icons will no longer be erroneously added to the copy dropdown.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r268) The button to reset icons should now work properly


  • Item cooldowns now have their own icon type.
  • Added text substitutions for unit and spell names.
  • Stack and binding texts are much more customizable now.
  • Two icon events have been added:
    • On Unit Changed - fires when the unit for which information is being displayed on the icon changes. Only applicable to icon types that check units.
    • On Spell Changed - fires when the spell/item/etc for which information is being displayed on the icon changes.
  • You can now change the frame strata of groups under the position tab of the group settings.
  • Added import/export boxes/dropdowns to the group settings and profile settings.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r257) Fixed warnings for missing durations (they weren't showing up)
    • (r260) The list of chat frames that can be outputted to should now list all valid frames, shown or not.
    • (r261) The "Check Activation Overlay" setting for reactive icons should now function properly for spells entered as names.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r252) Removed spam when pasting a corrupt string
    • (r252) Importing very old strings should now work. (Very old means pre-v4.1.4)
    • (r253) TellMeWhen_Options\TellMeWhen_Options.lua:2246: attempt to index global "current" (a nil value)
    • (r254) Changes in haste percentage without changes in haste rating will now be properly reflected in conditions (Tickets 303, 304)
    • (r255) Warnings should no longer incorrectly show for missing durations for icon types that do not require them


  • You can now import and export entire groups or entire profiles.
  • You can now import settings from a backup created when TellMeWhen_Options loads.
  • Cleaned up the import/export UI area.
  • Internal Cooldown icons can now be triggered by a summon event (for the healing priest t12 4pc bonus).
  • Spell Cast conditions can now match a name.
  • Chat channels are now a valid text output destination.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r242) 1x AceConfigDialog-3.0\AceConfigDialog-3.0-54.lua:803: attempt to index field "rootframe" (a nil value)
    • (r245) Fixed an error 132 crash in 4.3 when using the "Finish Caching Now" button
    • (r246) Fixed conditions for 4.3
    • (r247) Temporary compatibility code to make the options function fully, with the exception of import/export functionality, until AceSerializer gets fixed.
    • (r250) Removed print spam when sending comm


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r235) TellMeWhen_Options-4.5.6.lua:1690 attempt to index field "IgnoreRunes" (a nil value)
    • (r236) Dispel types should now always function properly


  • Moved the default icon type into its own type file, because it technically is nothing more than another icon type.
  • Added clarification for icon types that will accept no name to check everything.
  • Added a help popup for the stop watch icon.
  • You can now right-click an entry in the suggestion list to insert the opposite type of what is being typed in.
  • The option "Show timer text" no longer requires that "Show timer" be enabled. It does still require OmniCC, though.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r219) Implemented a method to determine if an export string has become corrupt due to the source's formatting
    • (r220) Fixed overlay bar frame levels
    • (r226) Dispel types should now work regardless of capitalization
    • (r230) Fixed overlapping checkboxes, and completely revamped the way that the left column in the icon editor works to prevent this from ever occurring again.
    • (r231) Fixed missing settings caused by the left-column overhaul
    • (r232) Meta icons now inherit timer settings properly
    • (r233) Fixed some deadly recursion


  • Added Brazilian Portuguese localization file. Translators wanted!
  • Implemented a method of determining of an import string has become corrupt by using WikiCreole formatting on Curse (and then fix it if it has been).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r213) The cooldown bar offset editbox now uses TellMeWhen_TimeEditBoxTemplate (and on a related note, huge time strings will now format to the year level for fun)


  • New icon type: Rune Cooldown. Does what you would expect it to do.
  • Re-implemented the "Only in Combat" option for groups (since it is such a common option, having it only as a condition is a bit tricky for new users to figure out).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r210) Fixed frame levels that I broke in the last revision of 4.5.3.


  • Improved configurations for units. Leaving the red '#' in will now default the unit to its full range, and there is now a tooltip showing all units being checked when holding down a modifier key, similar to the name editbox.
  • Added a new option to condition icons: "Only show if timer is active". If enabled, forces the icon to be hidden if there is not an active timer on the icon.
  • Updated Masque/ButtonFacade code again.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r196) I accidentally commented out the fix for the error 132 crash. Oops.
    • (r196) Updated for Masque r366
    • (r197) TellMeWhen_Options-r196.lua:3863: attempt to index global "info" (a nil value)
    • (r198) Updated bar edge offsets for Masque r366+
    • (r199) TellMeWhen.lua:1404: attempt to index field 'Font' (a nil value)
    • (r201) The suggestion list will now update its display when new item information is obtained from the server
    • (r203) TellMeWhen_Options.lua:2432: attempt to concatenate local "name" (a nil value)
    • (r204) Invalid itemIDs are now checked and purged from the cache when a new version of WoW is detected
    • (r205) Spell durations are now removed from item cooldown name data when it is parsed
    • (r206) The group settings interface will now longer incorrectly show in the icon editor after moving a group if the group settings tab is not selected
    • (r208) Loading an icon into the icon editor from a different group than the previously loaded icon while the Group Settings tab is selected will now cause the new icon's group to be loaded in the Group Settings tab


  • Added "%m" as a text substitution for the name of the unit that you are currently mousing over.
  • Existing substitutions "%t" and "%f" now work in all output locations.
  • The change made in 4.5.0 to reactive icons and conditions has been made optional. Those checking abilities such as raging blow or execute should probably enable this option.
  • Parenthesis in the condition editor are prettier now
  • Tooltip scan conditions now use the new return values of UnitAura added in WoW 4.2, and have been appropriately renamed to "Aura Variable". The result is an increase in efficiency at the cost of a bit of accuracy in some obscure cases.
  • Spell caching and filtering is now between 1500% and 2000% faster. (Seriously.)
  • New Conditions:
    • GCD active
    • Unit Threat - Scaled
    • Unit Threat - Raw
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r192) Put the final nail in the coffin of the cooldown clock framelevel bug.


  • You can now shift-click links into the Announcement EditBox.
  • You can now shift-click links into the Choose Name/ID EditBox to insert a spellID/itemID.
  • Suggesting a spellID is now about 75% more efficient.
  • New text output locations:
    • Smart Channel
    • Chat Frame
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r178) The "Ignore Runes" setting should no longer appear for item cooldown icons
    • (r179) Meta icons should now inherit icon properties from other icons a little better.
    • (r181) Attempted a possible fix to the error 132s that some people are getting when they close the icon editor after viewing the group settings tab.
    • (r182) ICD icons should now properly use the failed duration alpha setting when the duration requirements fail.
    • (r183) Fixed texture alignment in the spell breakdown tooltip that appears when hovering over the choose name/ID editbox with a modifier key pressed.


  • Fully integrated main addon settings/group settings into the icon editor.
  • You can now set custom text to be displayed where a keybinding would normally be displayed in order to remind you of your keybindings directly on TMW icons.
  • Moving/resizing a group that is anchored to a frame other than UIParent will adjust the offsets instead of resetting the anchor to UIParent.
  • Reactive icons and conditions should now more accurately reflect the state of the abilities that they are checking.
  • Greatly increased the versatility and customizability of condition icons.
  • Improved rune cooldown detection.
  • Version warnings should be slightly less annoying.
  • Added monochrome as a font outline option.
  • Buff/debuff icons can now display the first number found in the tooltip of the aura that has been found on the icon.
  • New icon events:
    • On Alpha Increase
    • On Alpha Decrease
  • New Conditions:
    • Buff/Debuff - Tooltip Scan
    • Points in talent
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r164) Tooltip scan conditions should now properly function with spellID input
    • (r170) TellMeWhen_Options-r169.lua:215: attempt to index field "?" (a nil value)
    • (r170) TellMeWhen_Options-r169.lua:1674: attempt to index field "?" (a nil value)


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r151) conditions.lua line 319: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'start' (a nil value)


  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r145) Totem icons now work for mushrooms/DK ghouls
    • (r146) Unit cooldown icons now properly sort
    • (r146) Fixed an extremely frustrating and elusive bug that was making it impossible to stop moving a group after you started dragging either a spell cooldown or reactive icon that was either checking an ability that was entered by spell name (IDs were fine) that the current character did not have in his/her spellbook, or checking nothing at all.
    • (r149) TellMeWhen\TellMeWhen-r147.lua:1136: attempt to index local "icon" (a nil value)


  • You can now specify a custom texture to be used for an icon.
  • Added whisper as a text output destination.
  • Shuffled around some framelevels in hopes of fixing the timer bug.
  • Attempted to force cooldowns to reset upon entering an arena. (UNTESTED)
  • Added a dialog to warn users of the dangers of configuration mode.
  • New Conditions:
    • Pet attack mode
    • Spell cooldown duration comparison
    • Item Cooldown duration comparison
    • Buff duration comparison
    • Debuff duration comparison
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r133) attempt to compare number with nil (In spell cooldown conditions)
    • (r133) conditions.lua:1009: Usage: GetTalentTabInfo(tabIndex[, isInspect[, isPet[, groupIndex]]])
    • (r136) TellMeWhen-4.4.3.lua:1630: attempt to index field "Font" (a nil value)
    • (r137) TellMeWhen_Options.lua:4038: attempt to index global "groups" (a nil value)
    • (r140) Icon's OnHide events should now properly fire when Always Hide is checked.
    • (r142) Using equivalencies with the new duration syntax should now cause the duration to be applied to all spells in the equivalency.
    • (r142) Fixed item textures in config mode.


  • Misc. updates.


  • New Condition: Spell autocasting
  • New Condition: Tracking active
  • New option for buff icons (mage only): Only stealable.
  • Added a toggle to DR icons to help work around the buggy spell refresh behavior.
  • Greatly improved config mode texture detection.
  • Added Wing Clip to the slowed equivalency.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • (r124) Inserting an equivalency via the dropdown should now properly save the text in the editbox.


  • Dramatically changed the way that Unit Cooldown and Internal Cooldown icons handle durations. Durations are now defined per spell within an icon, instead of having the same duration for all spells within an icon. More information is available by choosing one of these types in-game.
  • Added some custom sounds.
  • Auto shot cooldown icons merged with normal cooldown icons.
  • New debuff equivalency: Slowed
  • The suggester now does its scan in about 30ms, down from about 200ms.
  • Unit cooldown icons now listen for abilities that reset cooldowns and properly do so when they occur.
  • Unit cooldown icons checking pvp trinkets should now show an actual pvp trinket texture.
  • New Conditions:
    • Unit is Unit
    • Unit Role
    • Macro conditional
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Groups that are anchored to frames


Uploaded on
Jul 28, 2013
Game version
  • 5.3.0
1.3 MiB