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Show when a mushroom is not placed

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    #1 Aug 27, 2011 at 02:31 UTC - 0 likes

    This icon will show when you are out of combat and one of your wild mushrooms has not been placed. If you would like this to show all of the time, simply delete the "Unit in Combat" condition from the condition tab once you import the icon. Note that the group that this icon is placed in will need to NOT be set to only show in combat - otherwise, this icon will never show.

    The import string:

    ^1^T^SType^Sconditionicon ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^STOTEM1 ^SPrtsBefore^N1 ^t^N2^T ^SType^STOTEM2 ^SAndOr^SOR ^t^N3^T ^SType^STOTEM3 ^SPrtsAfter^N1 ^SAndOr^SOR ^t^N4^T ^SType^SCOMBAT ^SLevel^N1 ^t^t^SEnabled^B ^SName^S88747 ^t^N45501^^

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