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How To: Import Strings

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    All of the examples in these forums include an import string. To import these into TellMeWhen, you need at least version 4.1.4. To import entire groups or entire profiles, you need version 4.6.0.

    For best results, you should ensure that you have the latest version of TellMeWhen before importing anything.


    1. Copy the string to your clipboard (Beginning with "^1^T^" and ending with "^^". You can easily select an entire string by triple-left-clicking it.)
    2. Right-click the desired destination icon to open the icon editor.
    3. Click on the editbox at the bottom of the icon editor that is labeled "Import/Export/Restore".
    4. Press CTRL+V to paste the string into the editbox.
    5. Click on the button next to the editbox, and navigate to the "From String" sub-menu under the "Import" header.
    6. Choose the appropriate option that appears to import the data.
      • Many data types offer a choice between overwriting old data or creating new settings.
      • Importing an icon will simply list the icon - click it to import it.
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    Cybeloras edit: If you are having trouble getting some settings that you found here in TellMeWhen's forums to work, post in the thread that you found the settings in, not here.

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