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Tracking trinkets that have have two separate buffs

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    This is an example, and it is also guide to help you track any trinket that has two separate buffs - one for the duration and one for the stacks - in a single icon.

    Examples of trinkets with this behavior include


    Create a Buff/Debuff icon for each buff - the one that shows the duration and the one that shows the stacks. Set the stacks tag on the icon that is tracking the duration to reference the icon that is tracking the stacks (like "[Stacks(group=3, icon=2)]" if your stack-tracking icon were in group 3, icon 2). (This is configured in the bottom-right-hand side of the Icon Editor). Then, enable the "Always Hide" setting for the icon that is checking the stacking buff.


    In the case of Wushoolay's Final Choice, the duration buff is called Wushoolay's Lightning and the stacking buff is called Electrified.

    The setup for this would look like this:

    ^1^T^SPoint^T ^Sy^F-5213526365071385 ^f-46^Spoint ^STOP^SrelativePoint ^STOP^Sx ^F5847339886870890^f-49 ^t^SEnabled^B ^SColumns^N2 ^SIcons^T ^N1^T ^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Sbuff ^SName^S138786 ^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sicon^T ^STexts^T ^N2^S[Stacks(group=group,~`icon=2):Hide(0)] ^t^t^t^SEnabled^B ^SShowTimerText^B ^t^N2^T ^SType^Sbuff ^SName^S138788 ^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sicon^T ^STexts^T ^N1^S ^N2^S ^t^t^t^SFakeHidden^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^t^SName^SWushoolay's ^t^N62053^S~`~| ^Sgroup^N17 ^^

    (Instruction on how to import this data can be found at

    In the above example, the first icon in the group will show you all the information, and the second icon is just there for support. Please note that if you move these icons around after importing the group, you will need to manually update the text display of the first icon to point to the second icon.

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