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Chi Torpedo + Celerity

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    #1 Apr 13, 2013 at 01:27 UTC - 0 likes

    When tracking Chi Torpedo in a Cooldown Icon when you have the Celerity talent learned, you need to track it by the spellID for Roll - 109132 - for it to work properly.

    This is a Blizzard bug with the talent system that happens when a talent (Celerity) is modifying another talent (Chi Torpedo). Roll works fine with Celerity because it is a baseline ability so you can track Roll just fine by name when you have Celerity, but tracking Chi Torpedo by name will refer to the base Chi Torpedo talent instead of the Celerity-modified version of the talent.

    Due to a multitude of bugs introduced by Blizzard, the only way that works to track this properly in 5.4 is to use Roll's spellID - 109132.

    Due to a multitude of bugs introduced by Blizzard, the only way that works to track this properly in 6.0 is to use Roll's spell name (use the correct name for your client if you aren't using an English client, of course).

    Here is an example of an icon that tracks Chi Torpedo correctly when you have the Celerity talent leaned:

    ^1^T^SShowTimer^B ^SType^Scooldown ^SName^SRoll ^SShowWhen^N3 ^SUnAlpha^N0.5 ^SShowTimerText^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^N62020^S~`~| ^Sicon^^

    Instruction on how to import this data into TellMeWhen can be found here:

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    Hello, its is currently patch 6.0.3 and I am not able to get this data to work for chi torpedo with celerity. It is showing me having 2 stacks instead of 3 and a cooldown does not appear until I have used all 3 stacks.

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    Please ensure that you are using TellMeWhen v7.2.3, and tracking the ability by name.

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    yeah i'm using the latest version. when you say tracking it by name do you mean selecting the first 'roll' from the drop down spell list? when I follow the above instructions and enter that code, it gives me 'roll' to click on down the bottom part. Sorry it's hard to explain

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    You don't have to do anything after importing this icon. It will work exactly as it is. The only thing that will cause it to not work is by using versions of TellMeWhen older than v7.2.3.

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