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[Mistweaver] Renewing Mist (total raid stacks & shortest duration)

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    #1 Apr 21, 2013 at 22:09 UTC - 0 likes

    This icon will show you two things:

    1. The time remaining on the shortest Renewing Mist that you have cast in your raid/party
    2. The total number of Renewing Mist buffs that you have cast in your raid/party

    I am told that this allows you to use Uplift and Thunder Focus Tea in the most optimal ways.

    The export string of the icon:

    ^1^T^SShowTimer^B ^SUnit^Splayer;~`party;~`raid ^SOnlyMine^B ^SSort^N-1 ^SType^Sbuff ^SName^S119611 ^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sicon^T ^STextLayout^S,ZS0IeuiUr]E ^STexts^T ^N2^S[RaidStacks("Renewing~`Mist")] ^t^t^t^SEnabled^B ^t^N62035^S~`~| ^Sicon^^

    I have also created a custom text layout so you can clearly see both the duration and the buff count on the icon:

    The export string of the text layout:

    ^1^T^N1^T ^SAnchors^T ^N1^T ^Sy^N-3 ^Spoint^STOP ^SrelativePoint^STOP ^t^t^SStringName^STimer ^SDefaultText^S[Duration(gcd=true):TMWFormatDuration] ^t^N2^T ^SAnchors^T ^N1^T ^Sy^N2 ^Spoint^SBOTTOM ^SrelativePoint^SBOTTOM ^t^t^SStringName^SStacks ^SDefaultText^S[Stacks:Hide(0)] ^t^SGUID^S,ZS0IeuiUr]E ^SName^SStacks~`&~`Timer ^Sn^N2 ^t^N62035^S~`~| ^Stextlayout^S,ZS0IeuiUr]E ^^

    You will need to import both of these strings into TellMeWhen for full functionality. For help on how to import strings, check out

    You may wish to create your own text layout if you want to position the stack count on the icon differently. To do this, go into the Text Layout settings, clone a layout, set the icon to use the cloned layout, and then adjust the new layout as desired.

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