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Track enemy PvP trinket cooldowns

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    Tracking PvP trinket cooldowns is a little different than tracking the cooldown of a normal spell because the spell that needs to be tracked probably isn't something that you would guess off the top of your head, and also because of the Human racial ability, Every Man for Himself.

    Here is an export string that should track the cooldown of both PvP trinket forms:

    ^1^T^SShowTimer^B ^SUnit^Starget ^SType^Sunitcooldown ^SOnlySeen^B ^SShowTimerText^B ^SUnAlpha^N0.5 ^SShowWhen^Sunalpha ^SEnabled^B ^SName^SPvP~`Trinket:~`2:00;~`Every~`Man~`for~`Himself:~`2:00 ^t^N51003^S~`~| ^Sicon^^

    You will want to change the units to whatever units you would like to track.

    Instructions on how to import this data can be found here: How To: Import Strings

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