760 - GetInstanceDifficulty function removed

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Date: 2013-03-05 16:08:04
ID: 2
Error occured in: Global
Count: ∞
Message: ...ents\Core\Conditions\Categories\PlayerAttributes.lua line 71:
   attempt to call upvalue 'GetInstanceDifficulty' (a nil value)
   ...ents\Core\Conditions\Categories\PlayerAttributes.lua:71 GetZoneType()
   [string "Condition_INSTANCE"]:3: CheckFunction()
   ...TellMeWhen\Components\Core\Conditions\Conditions.lua:1063 Check()
   (tail call): ?
   [C]: ?
   [string "safecall Dispatcher[3]"]:9:
      [string "safecall Dispatcher[3]"]:5
   (tail call): ?
   (tail call): ?
   ...TellMeWhen\Components\Core\Conditions\Conditions.lua:1248 Construct()
   TellMeWhen\TellMeWhen.lua:3591 Setup_Conditions()
   (tail call): ?
   [C]: ?
   [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:9:
      [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:5
   (tail call): ?
   TellMeWhen\TellMeWhen.lua:1935 Update()
   TellMeWhen\TellMeWhen.lua:3016 ?()
   [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:4:
      [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:4
   [C]: ?
   [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:13: ?()
   ...Ons\Ace3\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:92 Fire()

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"MoP Patch 5.2.0 (2013-03-05): Removed. Use GetInstanceInfo and GetDifficultyInfo."

User When Change
Cybeloras Mar 06, 2013 at 00:21 UTC Changed status from New to Fixed
kaustos Mar 05, 2013 at 22:19 UTC Create

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  • Avatar of Cybeloras Cybeloras Mar 06, 2013 at 00:21 UTC - 0 likes

    Award for moron of the day goes to me. I added in the compatibility code to fix this a long time ago, but I still somehow managed to leave in the call to GetInstanceDifficulty in a spot where it would get called no matter what version you have.

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