Tidy Plates: Threat Plates

Change log

Legend: "- -" Removed items, "+ +" Added items, "~ " Fixes, "| |" Coding alterations.


  • ToC Update for 5.1, there are no issues with Threat Plates with this patch. Only Tidy Plates for the moment.


  • Finally really looked at what was causing the talent gathering issues.
  • Talents will now update dynamically instead of only on login.


  • Fixed leaked global.
  • Added a level check for talents to avoid any type of issues with low level characters.


  • Fixed issue with improper spec detection, hopefully this issue is resolved now.


  • Fixed issue with improper spec detection for low levels.


  • Fixed issue with improper spec detection.


  • Fixed issue with "No Outline, Monochrome" text flag
  • Removed ()'s from the spec swap verbose.
  • Added a handy new change log info window (shows one time regardless of character)


  • Added Tidy Plates nameplate fade options.


  • Release version of TPTP with reverted DB name of 'ThreatPlatesDB'.
  • Fixed issues with Copy and Paste within the Custom Nameplates

v6.0 Rev (1.0.2)

  • MoP Support ONLY
  • Talent determination has been updated and fully functional.
  • Options have been fixed and totem icons and options have been updated.
  • Fresh saved variables table name is now ThreatPlatesDB_BETA which will be reverted when live launches.
  • Included monk class icon to the icons widget.


  • Bugfix relating to function rename. Temporarily removed the 'tanked' widget.


  • ToC Bump


  • ToC updated to include 'TidyPlatesWidgets' addon dependency.


  • ToC Bump to 40200.


  • ToC Bump to 40100.
  • Added Spirit Link Totem.


  • Missing library.


  • zhTW and zhCN locales updated.
  • Revered TOC change.
  • Bugfixes.


  • Added new buttons to Custom Nameplates options to allow copy and pasting, restoring to default, taking your targets name, and clearing the current name. This should help for faster configuring.


  • Added PTR support for /tptpol.
  • Added some locale phrases.
  • Reimplemented stance, shapeshift, presence, and aura options.
  • Fixed threat system toggle button.


  • Fixed toggle functions.
  • Fixed some locales issues.
  • Added zhTW and zhCN locales thanks to [email protected] Thank you!


  • Fixed debuff widget not updating properly ( pesky enable functions! )
  • Some coding fixes/alterations.
  • Created a localization system and I am currently looking for translators!


  • Fixed description for the class icon widget.


  • Commented out stance and form options. ( my mistake )


  • Options have been completely redesigned and should flow in a more sensible way.
  • Special nameplates are now "Custom Nameplates" which will allow you to set them by custom name and set your own icon by path or spell id.
  • Numerous fixes have been addressed.
  • Adjusted some default saved variables. Some variables have been renamed and may be set to default.
  • Still being set as a "beta" version please leave feedback to make a clean release!
  • 'Stances' and 'forms' options are currently not available.


  • Debuff widget updated to match new settings available with v6.1 of Tidy Plates.
  • Mouseover highlight and elite textures have returned.


  • Updated to become functional with v6.0 of Tidy Plates.
  • Libraries have been updated.


  • Minor bug fix.


  • (See new image upload!)Incorporated Stance/Shapeshift/Aura/Presence Monitoring (Warr/Druid/Paladin/DK only options) *If turned on this ignores spec settings and only looks for stances/shapeshifts/etc.*
  • Created an OnUpdate for the RAID_TARGET_UPDATE event.
  • Added "Muddy Crawfish" as a special nameplate.


  • Added options for the social widget.

v4.0-b - v4.0-e BETA

  • Bugfixes
  • Added Special Nameplates for Shadowy Apparition and Canal Crab.
  • New "Social" widget which shows icons on friendly player namplates for friends, Bnet friends, and guild mates. (no options currently)

v4.0-a BETA

  • Added CVar auto fix for "bloattest".
  • Changed CVar for nameplate overlap and fixed the '/tptpol' command.

v4.0 BETA

  • ToC updated to 40000
  • Totem widget updated to reflect spell changes.
  • Spec detection updated to new talents.
  • Did the hokey pokey. ( woot! )


  • Addition: Castbar color can now be set or toggled in the options.
  • Removed: EPEEN widget is no more! (thank god amirite)
  • ~ Coding Alteration: Coding cleaned up.
  • ~ Coding Alteration: Default profile altered for better a feel for new users.
  • Recommended to do a clean reinstall for this version!


  • Addition: The debuff widget now has filtering options: (White List, Black List, All Debuffs)
  • ~ Coding Alteration: Options cleaned up some to stretch some options the full width of the options window.


  • || Fixed: Forgot to create a function for PLAYER_LOGOUT to clear player caching.

v3.1-e Strongly suggested to do a complete reinstall with this version to avoid complications

  • ~ Coding Alteration: Changed SetSpecialArt which used to function as the Threat Art to a widget.
  • ~ Coding Alteration: Changed Bloodworm to Ebon Gargoyle since it was missing and bloodworms no longer have a nameplate.
  • || Fixed: "Unique" nameplates now have additional options can be found for each which allow the native nameplate styles to take effect such as alpha scaling and HP coloring as well as control per unit on the allowing of Raid Icon coloring. ( See Screenshot )
  • Addition: Friendly player class coloring and icons. Additional player caching can be enabled ( resets on zoning and logout ).
  • Addition: Added a new /tptpverbose command to turn off addon feedback text.
  • Addition: Something else I can't seem to remember.


  • ~ Coding Alteration: SharedMediaWidgets and SharedMedia libraries updated.
  • || Fixed: Scale settings for unique nameplates being capped at 100%, now increased to 130%.
  • Addition: Added Living Inferno, Living Ember, and Fanged Pit Viper to the unique nameplates list.
  • Addition: Raid Icon HP Coloring now has some options.
  • Addition: Target Highlight Widget updated with more textures and custom color settings.


  • Addition: HP coloring depending on raid icon. (no options currently)
  • This version does require Tidy Plates Beta available HERE.


  • || Fixed: Removed old reference to NameTextWidget.lua which no longer exists in the .ToC file.
  • Addition: Added Drudge Ghoul, and Raging Spirit as well as Unbound Seer.
  • ~ Coding Alteration: Unique nameplate can now inherit "Color HP by Threat" if the custom coloring is turned off for each nameplate.
  • Additional progress is being made although my graphics card prevents me from getting in-game for testing.


Uploaded on
Nov 28, 2012
Game version
  • 5.1.0
1.1 MiB