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    #1 Feb 02, 2012 at 13:50 UTC - 0 likes

    I am using this addon long time ago and i think i have a great knownledge about it, but with the last update lots of things went wrong. I could fix most of them but targetting. Actually is really difficult to click on the health bar bcos on most of mobs it simply doesnt work, and u have to click on the mob itself to target it. Clicking on a health bar ends targettting one friend that was near or the mob near it. One example r Cinderweb Spinners on Bethtilack encounter u can click how many times u want on their health bar but u will never target them u have to find the exact point on their body to get them targetted. I have the vertical position at 50%. Would be good to know if this is a common issue, bcos being a tank is a great problem when u need to instant target something and u get ur priest targetted instead of the mob.

    For now I ended installing 6.4 version.

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    @Yesitis: Go

    I'd put the "Artwork Vertical Position" back to default. The clickable frame doesn't move when you adjust that position, so you can accidentally mis-align the two components, causing the problem you're describing.

    The clickable frame has never been movable, and can't be moved by any addon.

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    @danltiger: Go

    i had a similar problem while using neon...had to put "artwork vert pos" to 84% to make the frame comfortably clickable..hope this helps

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