Tidy Plates

Common Issues

No health bars
Use the chat command, '/tidyplates' to bring up the Theme Chooser window. It's probably set to None, eh? Select your theme, and see if it works.

Nameplates Not Appearing
Make sure you've got nameplates turned on. Look under the Blizzard Interface Options, "Interface > Names > Nameplates", or press "Control+V" on your keyboard.

Triangles appearing or Triangles NOT appearing
The 'triangles' (in the Neon theme) are part of the threat warning system, and can be disabled by going into the Hub interface panel (Damage or Tank), and changing the "Warning Glow Mode" (within the 'Color' category) to "None". Setting it to "By Threat" will enable them.

Nameplates don't look the way they used to
First, use the chat command, '/tidyplates' to verify your selection. You were probably using 'Neon' or 'Grey'. Next, you might need to edit some colors, or turn on/off some features. You can do this in the Hub configuration panels, accessible in the Interface Addons menu, or by clicking the wrench icon next to your theme name in the theme chooser window. If you can't seem to figure out which option you need to change, leave a note in the forums.

Hub not appearing or Hub not available
You may need to uninstall and then reinstall Tidy Plates; Occasionally, the Curse Client has some difficulty updating certain files..


Date created
Mar 18, 2011
Last updated
Sep 09, 2012