Titan Panel [Defense]


This AddOn has been adopted by HonorGoG of the Titan Development Team in order to keep it alive.


  • Adds a button to Titan that shows WorldDefense attack info. If there has been an attack within the last 40 seconds the bar will show the area and number of attacks seen there.
  • Eliminates 'zone is under attack!' spam in chat.
  • Tooltip gives details on areas attacked, number of attacks seen and time since the last attack.
  • You can view attacks by most recent or most frequent, by subzone or zone (Crossroads = subzone, The Barrens = zone)
  • Local attacks are marked as such. Note that the mod does not know all zone subzones. It will monitor LocalDef and all zone changes and save any new zones to your SavedVariables. Please see ''How You Can Help'' below.
  • Will autojoin WorldDef and LocalDef. You can turn off the chat window option to show WorldDef and LocalDef if you wish (I do it myself), but nonetheless you still need to be in the channels. All output can be suppressed and is so by default.

Bug Reports

Please direct all issues and feature requests to the SourceForge Titan Development Team page. As a member of that team, I do monitor tickets.

Special Instructions

  • None

Problem Escalation

  • If you are having issues, please following the instructions under ''Bug Reports'' above.

Known Issues

  • None


  • TitanDefense


How You Can Help

  • If you have run around and notice a lot of locations listed with 'Unknown' zones, please mail your ../WTF/Account/username/SavedVariables/DefenseTracker.lua file to honorgog(at)titanpanel(dot)org. This will allow me to update the 'known_zones' file so these subzones will be associated with their proper zones in the future.
  • Any additional localization data you may be able to provide would help out immensely.


This plugin was originally created by Tekkub.


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Dec 04, 2007
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Jul 21, 2016
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