Titan Panel [Quests]

Titan Quests Tooltip

Titan Quests adds a new button on Titan Panel, granting direct access to the quest list and some quest-related functionality.

A couple of the features Titan Quests provides are:

  • adds a quest icon to Titan Panel, showing the number of completed/total quests
  • shows detailed quest statistic on mouse-over (number of elite quests, pvp quests,...)
  • shows a quest list of all currently accepted quests upon right-clicking the Titan Quests icon
  • shows detailed quest information when mousing over a quest in the quest list
  • allows to add/remove quests from the quest watcher by left-clicking on a quest in the quest list
  • shortcut to open/close the quest log by left-clicking on the Titan Quests icon
  • customizable elements (all visible elements can be configured)
  • little performance impact on the game (only performs updates, when quest-related events occur)
  • complete English/German translation, partial French/Spanish/Latin American/Russian translation - more languages can be supported with help from volunteers
  • high code quality (due to use of automated tests, profiling, bug tracking, a clean architectural design and a beta release schedule prior to the release of each version)

The official homepage for the plugin is: http://www.luke1410.de/typo3/index.php?id=titanquests

Please report any bugs/issues/feature requests in the official bugtracker: http://www.luke1410.de:8090/browse/WOWTQ

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Date created
Apr 26, 2010
Last update
Aug 04, 2015
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GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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Titan Panel [Quests]
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