Titan Panel [Pals]

How Things Work and Why

Preset Tooltip :

There is 8 new preset tooltips to chose from in the Setting Dialog. They will change the way the tooltip looks.
Please Note :

  • ~ (TILDA)
devides the tooltips Right Side from the Left Side, without it everything would be placed on the Right side of the tooltip.
  • <AFK>
in this example is a place holder, under regular game play this would be a space to indent the line from the title
Name Format Result Right Result Left
Style #1 !s (!l !c) !p ~ !n !z <AFK> (80 Warrior) Nagdand Author Dalaran
Style #2 !s (!l) !uc ~ !n !z <AFK> (80) Nagdand Author Dalaran
Style #3 !s (!l) !p - !c !z ~ !n <AFK> (80) Nagdand - Warrior Dalaran Author
Style #4 !s (!l) !c - !p !z ~ !n <AFK> (80) Warrior - Nagdand Dalaran Author
Style #5 !s (!l) !uc !z ~ !n <AFK> (80) Nagdand Dalaran Author
Style #6 !s !p (!l) - !c !n ~ !z <AFK> Nagdand (80) - Warrior Author Dalaran
Style #7 !s !z (!l) - !c !n ~ !p <AFK> Dalaran (80) - Warrior Author Nagdand
Style #8 !s !c (!l) !z !n ~ !p <AFK> Warrior (80) Dalaran Author Nagdand

Custom Tooltip :

These can be used on the Right side or Left side of the tooltip but you must tell the addon Right or Left by using ~.

  • Anything on the right side of then ~ would be placed on the right side of the tooltip.
  • Anything on the left side of the ~ would be placed on the left side of the tooltip.
Type Format Result
Status !s See Status Types Table below or a space for no status
Level !l 80
Class !c Warrior
Zone !z Dalaran or <Offline> if player is offline
Player !p Nagdand
Note !n Author
Colored Player !uc Nagdand

Custom RealID ToolTips :

This is used to change the way ( !p / Player ) displays in the tooltip for RealID Pals

  • Coloring is determined by the setup of custom tooltip
Type Format Result
Character Name !cn Nagdand
Full Name !fn Nagdand Shadowfang
Sir Name !sr Nagdand
Last Name !ln Shadowfang
!rn Realm Name Laughing Skull
!gn Game Client WoW / SC2 / D3

Status Types :

This will allow you to change the way <away> is displayed

Style Result
Style #1 <Away>
Style #2 <AFK>
Style #3 <A>
Style #4 (Away)
Style #5 (AFK)
Style #6 (A)
Style #7 [Away]
Style #8 [AFK]
Style #9 [A]

TitanPanelPals_AltsSync :

This function is to sync your alts to your friends list. This is being done so that when you visit a mailbox you only need to type a few letters of your alts name to have it show up in the dropdown list. As the current Blizzard function will only add name to the list from the guild list and the friends list.

TitanPanePals_SyncAltsFriends :

This function is for adding friends that you play with on other characters to the current character.

Removing Friends :

Removing a friends from the friends list will leave the friends info in the data array. As of right now I do not know of a way to get the name of the friend removed. This is hard to deal with as when you log an alt, if the friend you removed from Toon A is on Toon B friends list, That friends will be readded to the data array.

Removing Alts :

Deleteing an alt works in somewhat the same way as removing a friend. since the Toon A is deleted when the addon is not loaded there is no way for me to know that Toon A no longer exists.

Database Utilitys :

This has been added so that you can clean the data array when friends or alts have been removed or deleted.

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