ToneMatrix - Visually create and share music with others!

This project is abandoned.

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In ToneMatrix, you can create your own music in a fun visual way! (And then share it with your friends)

Whether you're on a flightpath or being ganked, just type "/tm" and start clicking some of the squares to start your mix.

Each row is a different note. These notes will be played from left to right (click Show Line to see which notes are being played).


  • 2 sound packs - Tones and Drums
  • Save and load your music
  • Send your music as a link to other ToneMatrix users
  • Synchronise with other users live (through Party, Guild, Raid, Battleground or Whisper)
  • Change the speed
  • Rotate/Flip your grid of notes


There are many controls in the menu to the right side of ToneMatrix, but the most basic are:

  • Left Click to set a note
  • Left Click + Drag to change multiple notes
  • Right Click to just listen to the note
  • Ctrl+Left Click draws a vertical line
  • Shift+Left Click draws a horizontal line
  • Alt+Left Click draws a diagonal line

Post your best music link in a comment below!

  • Tones > 8bps > [TM:256:16512:4:16456:4:66:0:4224:256:16400:8:33296:0:256:64:0]
  • Tones > 7bps > [TM:256:8452:8320:8704:16644:4:1028:40:1032:32768:32912:32784:16648:256:4:0]
  • Tones > 6bps > [TM:272:256:4112:32768:528:512:4112:8224:256:272:4098:16400:137:144:4105:2048]
  • Drums > 9bps > [TM:16400:1024:16400:0:16400:0:1044:0:16:1024:16400:16384:16:16384:1044:0]
  • Drums > 8bps > [TM:260:128:18594:16384:2048:0:676:2048:256:0:2081:16384:2176:16512:548:2176]
  • Drums > 7bps > [TM:4164:4224:3204:34816:8332:41088:5226:4096:4100:4224:3204:34944:8324:40960:5288:4097]


Thanks to for the inspiration.
Thanks to for the free sound files.


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