Touchy's Media

This addon contains any media shown in the 5.2 UI series created by Touchymcfeel, updated for WoD.
This will add the following items to shared media:

  • 1 'pixel perfect' Masque skin for raven buffs/debuffs on a 32 pixel grid that adds no 'UI chrome' to icons.
  • 1 'pixel perfect' Masque skin for raven buffs/debffus on a 64-pixel grid that adds no 'UI chrome' to icons.
  • Solid black and white backgrounds, status bars, and borders to create uniform "plain" name plates, borders, etc.
  • Silkscreen font family create: a pixel-font with two weights and two variants.
  • Adobe Source Sans Pro font: an open source true-type font family with multiple weights.

This addon is intended to provide one-click installation to the media assets and Lua functions used in the UI for anybody attempting to create something similar.

My UI also makes use of Clean Icons - Thin and MiirGui which are not available to install with Curse Client.


Date created
Mar 09, 2013
Last update
Nov 10, 2014
Development stage
  • enUS
MIT License
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Touchy's Media
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