Change log


  • Fixed another bug with data for TSM App not being saved properly.


  • Removed TUJ price sources.
  • Fixed bug with data for TSM App not being saved properly.
  • Fixed bug affecting WoD beta.


  • Fixed bug with ruRU localization causing lua error.


  • Updated to support the new TSM Desktop Application.
  • Custom price sources will now be listed in the popup that shows when changing a custom price.
  • Changed popups to hopefully avoid tainting Blizzard's UI code.


  • Made TSMAPI:IsSoulbound() MUCH more efficient which will GREATLY reduce the interface log of all modules..


  • Added LibChatAnims to fix Blizzard bug with adding chat filters.


  • Updated connected realms.
  • Added some more validation to price sources to avoid lua errors.


  • Fixed issue with TSM error handler.
  • Removed 1.x dealfinding / shopping list support for importing items to groups.
  • Added options for displaying prospect and mill values in tooltips (enabled by default).
  • Reorganized general tooltip options slightly.
  • Fixed bug with "/tsm version" not going in the right chat tab.
  • Added confirmation for copying a profile.


  • Added new "check" function for doing logic operations in custom prices.
  • Fixed bug with multiple fixed gold values in custom prices being invalid in certain situations.
  • Removed "Status / Credits" tab and put credits at the bottom of the first tab instead.
  • Modified the "New Group Name" editbox to contain the current group name by default.
  • Made external price sources (mainly from Auctioneer) more consistent with TSM price sources.


  • Added verify for a sync setup which has been corrupted due to manual copying of saved variables.
  • Added help button to main TSM frame for opening TSM assistant.
  • Made lines under icons in main TSM frame shorter so they don't interfere with the title text.


  • Fixed typo in Assistant step.
  • Made Assistant window wider.


  • Added new TSM Assistant feature!
  • Removed SetUnit hook from LibExtraTip to avoid errors.
  • Updated localized strings.
  • Updated hard-coded list of connected realms.


  • Added line to TSM Info / Help page.


  • Fixed issue with importing groups with spaces in the subgroup names.
  • Fixed bug with post confirmation window and removed coloring of g/s/c letters.


  • Fixed bug introduced in v2.5.11 with percentages in price sources.


  • Fixed bug with parsing price sources with multiple percentages.


  • Added functionality to TSMAPI functions including auto-complete support for editboxes.
  • Minor code cleanup.


  • Fixed bug which was causing lua errors in TSM_Shopping.


  • Minor bug fix.


  • Improved TSM:GROUPS:* events for external usage.


  • Added TUJ as optional dependency to ensure it loads first.


  • Fixed bug with importing operations.


  • Cleaned up some code in the error handler and made it more resilient.


  • No change - fixing issue with curse packager.


  • Fixed bug with new change in v2.5.1.


  • Fixed bug with preparing filters taking a very long time.
  • Removed name from auction results row.
  • Removed some debug code.


  • Added error message when you try and move a group to one of its subgroups.
  • Reorganized and cleaned up the code.
  • Added option for embedding TSM's tooltip lines (enabled by default to maintain prior behavior).
  • TSM's error handler will now ignore errors from auc-stat-wowuction.
  • Fixed issue with multi-account syncing in patch 5.4.7.


  • Fixed issue with resizing the TSM window.
  • Added some debug code.
  • Potentially fixed bug with scans scanning too many pages due to missing item info.
  • Fixed bug with main window not correctly saving its position and size between sessions.
  • Fixed bug with moving the main window from the TSM icon
  • Added TSMAPI:Assert for unexpected conditions which should be reported as errors to the TSM team.
  • Added TSMAPI:Verify for conditions which require corrective action by the user and are not addon bugs.
  • Soulbound items will no longer be moved for warehousing/auctioning options on the BankUI.
  • Added events and event logger. Improved error handler.
  • Fixed bug with tooltips having a delayed update after modifier keys are pressed.
  • Errors occurring within threads should now be properly reported.
  • Added vanilla gems to conversions.
  • Added TSMAPI:GetConnectedRealms() to allow for basic connected realm support.
  • Fixed bug with multi-account code constantly trying to add people to the friends list.


  • Fixed bug with TSM tooltip.
  • Cleaned up some code.


  • Added tooltip options for displaying custom price sources in tooltips.


  • Fixed stack overflow issue with importing of large groups.


  • No change, trying to fix issue with curse.


  • Implemented new method for modules to export data to the TSM app.
  • Changed red group color to be orange instead.
  • Added support for scanning the last page (used by the Sniper feature of TSM_Shopping).
  • Cleaned up much of the Auction scanning code.
  • Made the "max" labels in the post frame clickable buttons.
  • Added support for tabbing between fields in the post frame.
  • Fixed some issues with prices changing incorrectly in the post frame when certain fields were modified.
  • Added caching of battlepet names on-load to reduce errors from incomplete battlepet info.


  • Fixed some display issues with slider tooltips.


  • Fixed bug with common search term generation for items which have overlapping names (ie gems).
  • Fixed bug in group import code.


  • TSM will now take into account common classes when generating AH query.
  • Added option (enabled by default) to color group names within group trees based on their sub-group depth.
  • Added display of locals to error handler.
  • Fixed bug in common search term code.


  • Added [Jard's Peculiar Energy Source] to soulbound mats.


  • Fixed bug with adding a special character when renaming a group.


  • Fixed bug with battle pets.


  • Groups in grouptrees will now be selected by default.
  • Greatly improved TSM's display of error messages.
  • Fixed bug in TSMAPI:CreateTimeDelay which caused label-less timers to collide.


  • Fixed an issue with common search terms for items whose name matches the common search term (ie uncut gems).


  • Fixed bug with the current profile not being saved.
  • Fixed bug with getting battle pet item info.
  • Fixed sorting of auction result table.
  • Removing an operation from a group will no longer switch to the new operation page.


  • Made group trees select all groups by default.


  • Fixed bug with formatted gold amounts in custom prices.


  • Fixed issue with using itemlinks in custom prices.


  • Fixed issue with group trees not remember their selection status in some situations.


  • Fixed bug with getting battle pet item info.
  • Removed TSMAPI function to disable TSM error handler from packaged versions.
  • Added list of groups which an operation is currently applied to, along with a remove button for each group, to the management tab of operations.
  • Typing "/tsm freset" will now reset the position of all movable frames from all modules.
  • Group trees will now remember which groups are selected (all will be deselected by default).
  • Custom prices will now support any number of formatted gold values (instead of just one).
  • Renamed TSMSelectionList to TSMGroupItemList interally.
  • Added "avg()" function support to custom prices.


  • Fixed typo in code which caused issues with the bank UI and the DufUIBank addon.
  • Fixed issues with sliders and treegroups caused by 5.4 changes.


  • Grabbing latest version of AccurateTime (again).


  • Grabbing latest version of AccurateTime.


  • Added some missing soulbound mats to internal lookup table.
  • AccurateTime will now be embedded instead of standalone.


  • Fixed issue with '/tsm bankui' creating duplicate windows.
  • Fixed bug with auction result sorting.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.


  • Added new !AccurateTime library and fixed some issues around debugprofilestart/stop usage.
  • Cleaned up .toc file a bit.
  • Added bankui support for DufUIBank addon.


  • The BankUI will now remember its position (independantly for bank and guild bank).
  • Added /tsm bankuireset to reset the BankUI frame position


  • Added caching to various commonly used APIs.
  • Bug fix with item info caching.
  • Added disenchant mats to tooltip.


  • added bankUI support for cargBags Nivaya


  • Fixed bug with clicking on scrolling table columns.


  • Added latent kor'kron pieces as non-disenchantable.
  • Fixed bug with tree groups.


  • Fixed some conversion/destroying ratios.
  • Fixed some patch 5.4 issues.
  • Fixed a bug with switching profiles.
  • Limited quantity items from a vendor will no longer be tracked.
  • Updated TOC for patch 5.4.


  • Fixed various issues with disenchanting ratios.
  • Fixed issue with soulbound materials.
  • Made room for shopping tooltip options.
  • Fixed bug with importing of subgroup structure.


  • Fixed bug with multiple occurrences of a custom price sources within a custom price.
  • Fixed disenchanting ratios.
  • Fixed tooltips for auction result rows.
  • Improved how module icons are displayed in the main TSM window.


  • Some advanced features will now be designated as such with red title text.
  • Added theme option for the color used to designate advanced features.
  • Added the ability to import and export operations.
  • Fixed issue with detecting disenchantable items on non-enUS clients.
  • Added support for decimal places in percentages in custom prices.
  • Added option to export/import subgroup structure when exporting/importing groups.
  • Group selection trees will now remember their expanded/collapsed status info on a per-module basis.
  • Shift-clicking the "<<< Remove" button in the "Items" tab of a group will now remove the items from all groups rather than move the items to their parent group.
  • Filtering the item selection list in the "Items" tab for groups will now hide filtered-out rows.
  • Added option for changing the chat tab which TSM and its modules use for printing messages.
  • Added loop detection to custom price code.
  • Fixed a bug with custom prices with specific items in them.
  • Fixed error from missing localization phrase.
  • Fixed stack overflow with very long custom prices.
  • Added the ability to create custom price sources.
  • Added more error checking to the custom price validation code.


  • Fix for error when alt-clicking buying in destroy mode.


  • Fixed some divide by zero issues found on 5.4 PTR.
  • Fixed issue with bank updates going out to modules after bank was closed.
  • Fixed bug with alt-click buying in destroy mode for TSM_Shopping.


  • Fixed bug with certain gold amounts not getting correctly formatted.


  • All scrolling tables will now have constant-height rows.
  • Fixed bug with tooltip for battlepets.


  • Fixed issue with spaces in itemStrings.


  • Added option for including soulbound items in movement APIs.
  • Fixed bug with syncing code trying to sync with the current character.
  • Fixed various issues with manual posting.


  • Updated LibExtraTip.
  • Fixed a bug with auction result tooltips not working for battlepets.
  • TSM tooltip data will now be shown for battlepets as well as items.


  • Fixed a bug with vendorsell price source.


  • Fixed a bug with being unable to add ungrouped random enchant items as the base item.
  • Fixed issue with first() and vendorsell in custom prices.


  • Fixed a bug with the version showing as "Dev" instead of v2.0.


  • First 2.0 Version!


  • Updated TOC for patch 5.2.
  • Added quick buyout feature to auction result frames.
  • Added more theme options and preset themes.
  • Adjusted milling/prospecting/disenchanting ratios as necessary.
  • Added basic battle pet support.
  • Improved the TSM error handler.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Updated existing themes and added some new ones.
  • Changed default theme to "Goblineer" as voted on by forum members.
  • Updated TOC for patch 5.0.4
  • TSM will now block all chat messages related to creating and canceling auctions.
  • Added a slash command for resetting the position of the main TSM frame - '/tsm freset'.
  • Fixed the green +/- buttons in treegroups.
  • Made all the progress bars across the modules consistent.
  • Rewrote all the auction results table code to address multiple issues.
  • Added a slider to the TSM options tab for adjusting how many rows are shown in auction results tables.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Redesigned the look and feel of the main TSM window and the auction house tab.
  • Added a bunch of new options for customizing the new look.
  • Added the ability to import / export appearance settings.
  • Added a list of importable preset themes for TSM.
  • There is now a hidden gem somewhere in TSM. Find it and something cool will happen :).
  • Removed a few things which will cause errors in patch 5.0.4.
  • Added support for the general stats which are now also included in the TUJ realm edition.
  • TSM will now be packaged with a new version of LibAuctionScan which has significant scan speed improvements.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added further warnings for users who may still have TSM_Gathering installed.
  • Fixed error caused by having Auctioneer enabled by not the Appraiser module.
  • Performed a major reorganization of TSM's code to make it easier to find specific functions.
  • Added tooltip support for selection lists.
  • Fixed a bug with SelectionLists not adding/removing items that were selected by not visible.
  • Updated all the disenchanting tables to fix a handful of inaccuracies.
  • Fixed an error caused by changing the Auction House scale before opening it for the first time.
  • SelectionList filters will now be parsed to avoid string pattern errors.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added destroying data for essences / shards / crystals for the Destroying feature in the Shopping module.
  • Fixed various bugs with the TSM auction house tab / detached frame not displaying correctly.
  • Added option for opening all your bags when the AH is shown.
  • Added option for detaching the TSM auction house tab by default.
  • The TSM auction house tab will now remember its detached possition throughout a single session.
  • Removed localized strings from error handler and added client locale info.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Improved TSM's error catcher.
  • TSM's AH tab is now it's own window which can be detached from the main AH frame.
  • When TSM's tab is attached, it'll hide behind the main AH frame when you switch tabs, allowing your TSM scan to continue "in the background".
  • Added options for making the main AH frame movable and for changing the scale of the AH frame.
  • Added an option for removing the bids from auction results to make the buyouts easier to read (bids are now hidden by default).
  • Updated the LDBIcon to use a different texture than the minimap icon.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • First Release Version!

Beta Versions:


  • Updated some APIs for a new feature that's in the works.
  • Updated the TOC for patch 4.2.


  • Added support for spell tooltips.
  • Removed the extra "v" that would show up infront of version numbers.
  • Took out the Destroying button code (was moved to the Destroying module's code).
  • Added some new info messages that'll appear in popups when the user logs in.
  • Many other minor changes.


  • Added AceHook and lib-st libraries.
  • Fixed a typo in one of the tips.
  • Many other minor changes.


  • Finally fixed the bug where selectionlists (such as the one used for adding or removing items to Auctioning groups / categories) were only displaying the first 4 items under some circumstances.
  • Updated the TOC for patch 4.1


  • Added TSM tips to the status bar of the main TSM window. The tip will change everytime the TSM window is open.
  • Added a ton of support code for the AuctionDB and Destroying modules.
  • Cleaned up the unused slash command code as well as a bunch of other parts of the code.
  • Updated the credits.
  • Many other changes that aren't evident to the user but better the addon's code as a whole.


  • Removed the slash command line from the minimap button tooltip as it was causing some errors.
  • Tooltip functions can now access stack size info.
  • Cleaned up the TSMMacroButton code and fixed some bugs.


  • SelectionLists should now clear the selected row on release.
  • Added VersionKey APIs.
  • Removed a few extra libraries from the TOC file / addon folder.
  • Turned on no-lib creation.
  • Updated the credits.
  • Cleaned up some of the code.


  • Fixed a bug with the main TSM window on non-english clients.
  • Minor improvements to the GUI functions.
  • Added an option to the "Status" page for hiding the minimap icon.


  • Fixed some minor bugs with two of the TSMAPI functions.
  • This update is required for using the latest version of Crafting


  • Adjusted the sidebar so it should resize more in order to not be blocked by right action bars.
  • Fixed a bug with the selectionlists in auctioning sometimes only showing 4 items.
  • Updated the included TSM Guidebook pdf.


  • The sidebar frame should no longer go off the screen.
  • Added another popup to help new users.


  • Should be way more obvious when no modules are installed.


  • First Beta Release!


Uploaded on
Aug 02, 2014
Game version
  • 5.4.8
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