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Trapper Addon Image

This addon frees up the use of up to 5 buttons that will not be needed to place your hunter traps. You get a "bar" in the shape of a bear trap that has the five hunter trap buttons on it. The buttons configures itself depending on the rank of traps your character has and the number of traps. IE: A level 1 hunter will just have the bear trap image as you do not yet have any trap spells to cast.

You can move the trap "bar" by just dragging anywhere on the bear trap image.

This addon was created during the Burning Crusade era and has been working and thus tested ever since.

Still works with 4.2 but I haven't gotten to it seriously to fix it to work with the trap launcher.

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  • Avatar of BDelacroix BDelacroix Apr 27, 2011 at 12:45 UTC - 0 likes

    Still works with 4.1 as is however my inability to find time to tackle a way to make the trap launcher work nicely with it has put this behind. While it works, it does not contain all the features I want.

  • Avatar of BDelacroix BDelacroix Oct 18, 2010 at 00:51 UTC - 0 likes

    Here, finally, is a working update to trapper.

    Undocumented changes in the blizzard API have made it so I cannot inherit ActionButtonTemplate without ending up with gigantic normaltextures for the buttons.

    I also need to find out how to make it work with the new trap launcher. The buttons are spells so fall into the secure action category. As such, it is not easy to change the button attributes.

  • Avatar of BDelacroix BDelacroix May 21, 2010 at 16:09 UTC - 0 likes

    One more comment before I go. This is my first project ported over to the curse forge. I usually place stuff on wow interface.

    At any rate, this file is about as stable as you can get. Not much changes over the course of an expansion that effects it unless they change spell IDs.

    There has been one person who has modded it to put the ice trap shot into the "bar". It isn't hard to do that, after all this is just buttons with spell IDs attached to them. With the coming of the expansion we are supposed to get throwable traps for every trap type. I'll make modifications as necessary.


  • Avatar of BDelacroix BDelacroix May 21, 2010 at 16:06 UTC - 0 likes

    Holy cow it finally worked. Thanks for fixing the upload files issue.

  • Avatar of BDelacroix BDelacroix May 21, 2010 at 15:29 UTC - 0 likes

    A file has been altered and uploaded and awaiting approval. Cross your fingers.

    Last edited May 21, 2010 by BDelacroix
  • Avatar of BDelacroix BDelacroix Oct 08, 2009 at 22:18 UTC - 0 likes

    I can't seem to upload the actual file for this as Curse seems to currently have some issue. It tells me no files are uploaded yet when I re-upload the file it tells me the file already exists.

    I'll get the files in order once this problem is fixed.



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