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trinket bar

Localization Needed! Localization has been added to the latest version, if you find any errors in the translation or want to submit a translation for another language feel free to send a pm or a comment.


TrinketBar is a small and lightweight addon to help you manage and monitor your trinkets. It was inspired by TrinketMenu, but since it's no longer updated and was a bit too CPU intensive for my taste I decided to write this addon. It's a lot smaller and doesn't have the same amount of configuration and options as TrinketMenu had, and it probably never will. But the basic stuff is there!

Note: If you want to see the cooldown count you have to install a cooldown addon such as OmniCC or similar.

Version 0.3 now supports slash commands, type /tb for help.


Hold down ALT while mouseover to open the menu. The menu toggle key can be changed to either ALT, CTRL, SHIFT or just auto-open on mouseover.
Click Left Mousebutton to equip a trinket in the top slot.
Click Right Mousebutton to equip a trinket in the bottom slot.

To use a trinket either click on it or set up a keybind in the options interface. Just like any other Blizzard bar.

While in combat you can queue a trinket to be auto-equipped as soon as you leave combat (or die). To do this just open the menu and either Left or Right the trinket you want to queue and it will be added to the auto-equip queue.

The main bar can be displayed either horizontally or vertically. The menu will automatically position itself to the most optimal side depending on how close the main bar is to the edge of the screen.

Both the main bar and the menu are individually scalable. Depending on how many trinkets you have you can set a custom row wrapping value to change the appearance of the menu, if you don't know what it does it's probably best to leave it at the default setting (3).

Note: If you want to use this addon with ButtonFacade check out TrinketBar ButtonFacade by kazaakmX here:

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  • Avatar of Killakhan00 Killakhan00 Feb 11, 2011 at 00:32 UTC - 0 likes

    @Duskey I can't seem to recreate this bug, does it only happens when you right click or is left click the same way?

  • Avatar of Duskey Duskey Feb 08, 2011 at 22:47 UTC - 0 likes

    If I right-click the Drag me! button I can't get trinketbar to show again unless I reset it. The show toggles do not work.



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