This project has become inactive.

This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

TriviaBot control panel 2.8.4


The quiz addon we love is back!

TriviaBot allows the user to host quiz games for other players.
Spamming it in /say in crowded places or /general is not a good idea,
but Blizzard's spam prevention makes it alot harder to abuse it that way currently.

It's a nice and safe pass-time among consenting adults. :-)
Used best in the custom channel, a party with friends or to liven up that "dead" guild chat.


  • /triviabot or /trivia to bring up it's control panel.
  • then you can use the dropdowns to select among different Question Lists and Categories.
  • set the output and customize the announce intervals, reporting options etc.

Other Commands

  • /trivia help will list other commands.
  • !tb help whispered to a game host will list other whisper commands.


With version 2.8.0 and later
TriviaBot no longer contains pre-packaged Quizzes with the main download!

  • Quizzes are instead coming in the form of separate Load on Demand addons called Quiz plugins.
  • This allows the game to load much faster since Question Lists are not loaded until the Quiz host selects them from the TriviaBot control panel.
  • Gives you the option to install only quiz themes and languages that interest you.
  • Allows the community to create and share quizzes without having to wait for the main addon to be repackaged.

Quiz Plug-ins





You need at least one quiz plugin installed for TriviaBot to be able to host a game.
More will be added as users or the TriviaBot Team creates new quiz plug-ins.

Making your own load on demand Quiz

  • A sample addon and basic instructions (README_EN.txt) on how to create your own quiz
    can be found in TriviaBot\Questions\ sub-folder coming with TriviaBot v2.8.0 and later.
  • TriviaBot_QuestionMaker is still available for helping with the question file.
    More details on the QuestionMaker page on how to submit your questions for inclusion to a Quiz Plug-in.
    If you create and upload a new Quiz be sure to make a comment or file a ticket
    or drop us a PM so the link can be included to the Quiz Addons list on this page.


Version 2.8.4 ruRU 100% done! Thanks Sa1reS
Version deDE 100% done! Thanks Nihlo
Version frFR: 97.1% done! Thanks FelheartCdO
From version 2.7.0 and later there's no longer a need for fans to scour the source files for strings to modify.
If you want to help translate the interface or output to your language

  • Visit the Localization page.
  • Find your language in the list and click the number of untranslated phrases (eg. ruRU)
  • Submit your translated terms and they will be included with the addon in a future minor update.


Due to the complete rework of question format for 2.5.x you can't use old questions from 2.4.x and earlier.

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  • Avatar of 2000Error 2000Error Dec 01, 2010 at 19:41 UTC - 0 likes

    Great work & THX @Nihlo.

    I have been working on a german localization too. But your localization is perfect. So i will stop my work on the localization :)

  • Avatar of Nihlo Nihlo Dec 01, 2010 at 19:37 UTC - 0 likes

    The German local Dridzt:

    Last edited Dec 01, 2010 by Nihlo
    Name Size MD5
    local.txt 8.5 KiB 7298a5032eaa...
    local.txt 8.5 KiB 7298a5032eaa...
  • Avatar of Road_Block Road_Block Nov 30, 2010 at 22:00 UTC - 0 likes

    I got contacted by the developer of WoWQuiz (TriviaBot German) and they will be updating the deDE localization and providing their quizzes in the new plugin format.

    When you see this Ziz, please update the project properties to mark it as deDE localized as well (apart from French).
    I cannot get to those project settings myself.

    I'd also appreciate if we get the Curse ticket tracker back instead of that custom non-functional page.

    Regards, Dridzt.

  • Avatar of Road_Block Road_Block Nov 19, 2010 at 17:40 UTC - 0 likes

    TriviaBot 2.8.0 uploaded.
    This is probably going to be the last update to the core addon for a while by me.
    (especially after Cataclysm hits, I'll be busy with the game itself :P)

    Important Changes:

    • Questions are now separate Load on Demand addons.
      You need at least one installed to be able to host a game.
      The old TriviaQuestions1 and TriviaQuestions7 have been uploaded to get you started.
      Hopefully alot more new quizzes will become available.
    • There is no longer a need for "TriviaBot Française" or "WoWBot" (TriviaBot German) etc as separate addons.
      Use instead the Localization section to submit the names of the interface elements and addon chat prints.
      The language file will be included in a minor update and you can use the latest features of TriviaBot in your language immediately instead of doing all that work again for every TriviaBot update.
    • This should help other language users to focus on creating quizzes in their language,
      that can be used with TriviaBot as plugins instead of spending time updating the addon itself.

    TriviaBot\Questions\ no longer contains the question files.
    Instead it contains a template Quiz plugin addon and a README_EN.txt file with instructions
    on how to make your own quiz plugin.
    I have kept the actual question file format the same so any old files you have been working on (fixing typos, adding questions etc)
    can still be used, they just have to be included in a quiz addon.

    The actual question lists can still be created in any of a number of ways:

    1. editing with a text editor based on the old templates. (old/traditional way)
    2. using the optional TriviaBot_QuestionMaker to do it in-game.
    3. using an online webform (if Ziz & co create one).

    The resulting Question file will then need to be included in a plugin and posted for using in TriviaBot.

    If you make or correct an old TriviaQuestionsX.lua file
    and are having trouble following the instructions how to turn it into an addon
    zip it up and post it as a comment here or attach it to a ticket along with
    the name you would like for your plugin and the author name
    and we will make it a quiz plug-in for you.

    Last edited Nov 19, 2010 by Road_Block
  • Avatar of Road_Block Road_Block Nov 14, 2010 at 16:29 UTC - 0 likes

    I will upload a v2.6.1 just to get something out that works for 4.0.1 and Cataclysm shortly.

    Note: Only 2 questions sets are included in this package.
    If someone decides to copy 2.5.x compatible question files from earlier releases there
    is 1 line of code they need to add to the top of the file (eg. TriviaQuestions4.lua)

    local _,TriviaBot_Questions = ...

    If that is not the first line in the question file questions from previous 2.5.x releases will not work, you have been warned.

    I am working on v2.7 with a major new feature but it is not yet ready for public.
    So stay tuned.

    Last edited Nov 16, 2010 by Road_Block
  • Avatar of Ziz Ziz Nov 14, 2010 at 12:01 UTC - 0 likes

    Dridzt Welcome to our team once again. I hope you can continue as main developer.

    Triviabot project manager.

  • Avatar of Road_Block Road_Block Nov 13, 2010 at 08:02 UTC - 0 likes

    If any of the current managers can re-add me as an active developer,
    I've been sitting on a working TriviaBot for 4.0.1 and Cataclysm
    (the main addon, not the question files) since late October.

    I've also fixed a few long-standing bugs and made some improvements
    - WoW 4.0.x API changes.
    - fix taking over '1' for custom channel.
    - reverting to default channel despite the last channel is valid.
    - questions answering themselves when the question text contains the answer.
    - support for party leader.
    - make it a little harder for malicious addons to break it.
    - make it more intelligent in accepting answers.


    PS. I might also have a little surprise for new quiz submitters ;)

  • Avatar of Ziz Ziz Oct 21, 2010 at 16:23 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello Everyone.

    Aur6I: Tried to talk with the French translator? Ciremo: Talk with Jackprince about that one...

    I promise a new launch of Triviabot for Cataclysm launch 7. December.

    We also need a huge update for the question database. If someone is interesting in updating it with WoW, TBC, WOTLK, CATA question send me a mail at [email protected] .

    Cheers, Marius Pettersen Triviabot Project Manager.

    Last edited Oct 21, 2010 by Ziz
  • Avatar of aur6l aur6l Aug 27, 2010 at 12:28 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello, I seek a database of general culture in french but the link don't work ! Can you help me ?

  • Avatar of Ciremo Ciremo May 18, 2010 at 04:06 UTC - 0 likes

    I'm thrilled to hear you're still working on this add-on. I'm in the process of cleaning up, adding hints, updating no longer true questions and adding some questions of my own to the current WoW topic.

    However, I find it irritating for the add-on to report ALL answers at the end of a round. I would like it to only print the primal answer, because then I'm able to have one obvious and explanatory answer (which would be posted in the chat) and several close calls (not including 'the' or spelling out numbers et.c.) to avoid irritation when people almost get it.

    Note that this is something that I will implement myself, with some help from friends, but I'd love to see it as an official feature. Also, if you'd like the updated questions just send me a mail, [email protected] It'll be done within a week.

    Thanks for your hard work!


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