Change log

Version 2.8.8 28/11/2013

  • Better detection of public channels; fixes Ironforge (blizz bug with zone names since wow 4.x) and public channel detection for non-English clients.
  • Extra quiet mode (less text) regardless of quiz host options when using General channel (still strongly recommend to only use TriviaBot on moderated / custom channels)
  • Handle chat throttle and inform the quiz host.

Version 2.8.7 26/11/2013

  • Requires a full exit from WoW to update (files have been removed and new ones added).
  • Will only cooperate with the matching v1.4 or higher version of the QuizMaker.
  • Lots of code cleanups, removal of unneeded globals.
  • Curb dropdown related taint issues by using another's custom dropdown.
  • New rule! If you have an issue to report you must include the name of the quiz plugin used when observing the issue.

Version 2.8.6 28/11/2012

  • Fix for 5.1.0 chat channel changes
  • .toc update compatible with WoW 5.1 "Landfall"

Version 2.8.5b 9/09/2012

  • Fix "Report Personal" option when player gender can't be determined.

Version 2.8.5a 6/09/2012

  • Fix graphical bug with dropdowns

Version 2.8.5 29/08/2012

  • WoW 5.0.4 and MoP beta compatibility fixes
  • toc update, compatible with Mists of Pandaria

Version 2.8.4 29/11/2011

  • Hints are now sent automatically if the relevant option is selected.
    (they can still be sent on demand by typing !hint or whispering !hint at the player hosting the quiz)
  • Various cosmetic changes: sleeker control panel, ability to minimize, some tooltip hints.
  • ruRU localization (thanks Sa1reS and sorry I didn't include all your changes)
  • toc update, compatible with Hour of Twilight (4.3)

Version 2.8.3 21/07/2011

  • Feature: Now accepts correct answers in the form of links (spells, items, talents, quest titles etc where applicable)
  • some locale updates.
  • toc update, compatible with WoW 4.2

Version 2.8.2 29/04/2011

  • toc update, compatible with WoW 4.1

Version 2.8.2 03/12/2010

  • Bugfix: Initialization error when category selected in previous session doesn't exist in the current set of quizzes loaded.
    Could happen if the user had old saved variables
    or tested and later uninstalled a quiz with more categories than the ones currently installed.

Version 2.8.1 02/12/2010

  • Better party and raid detection.
  • Attempt to prevent a rare initialization error. (user reported, haven't been able to reproduce)
  • Move the last few hardcoded defaults to their own section at the top of the file for easier modification.
  • Some code formatting/cleanup.
  • Author: Dridzt

Version 02/12/2010

  • Minor version update for Localizations.
  • German (deDE) 100% done.
    Big thanks to Nihlo
    You do not need this update if you have 2.8.0 and only playing in English.

Version 21/10/2010

  • Minor version update for Localizations.
  • Fran├žaise (frFR) 97.1% done!
    Big thanks to FelheartCdO
  • stub Locales included for other languages.
    You do not need this update if you're playing on English Client.
    There have been no functionality changes.

Version 2.8.0 19/10/2010

  • TriviaBot no longer comes with pre-packaged Quizzes
    These are instead provided as separate load on demand addons.
  • Look at main addon page for links to Quizzes or do an addon search for TriviaBot
    Users have the option to pick the quiz themes and languages they prefer.
  • \TriviaBot\Questions\ now contains a sample Quiz addon and basic instructions (README_EN.txt)
    on how to create your own quiz plugin for aspiring Quiz authors.
    TriviaBot_QuestionMaker can still be used to help in the process.
  • Author: Dridzt

Version 2.7.0 16/10/2010

  • bugfix: dropdown refreshing.
  • feature: support proper Localization Visit to help translate to your language.
  • feature: support for the optional addon TriviaBot_QuestionMaker for quiz authors.
  • Author: Dridzt

Version 2.6.1 14/10/2010

  • WoW 4.0.x API compatibility updates
  • bugfix: channel initialization over a "cold login".
  • bugfix: taking over '1' for custom channel.
  • bugfix: reverting to the custom channel despite the last channel is valid.
  • bugfix: questions answering themselves for the game host when the question text contains the answer.
  • feature: more intelligent in accepting valid answers.
  • feature: support for party leader.
  • feature: make it a little harder for malicious addons to break it.
  • Author: Dridzt

Version 2.6 10/25/2009

  • WoW 3.2.0 compatibility update
  • bugfix (numeric replies - floating numbers x.y)
  • new question set.
  • Author: dridzt

Version 2.5.4 01/23/2009

  • Fixed listing of answers if set to higher than 1
  • Added delay to channel loading to further prevent custom channel to be listed as #1 (hope this works)
  • Added Officer chat to chat types

Version 2.5.3 01/06/2009

  • Fixed channel problem under loading

Version 2.5.2 12/30/2008

  • Fixed continuation of quiz when frame was hidden
  • Fixed memory spikes when changing category
  • Changed question handling with indexing
  • Added Strand of the Ancients to BG channels
  • Added question file submitted by Hessinger (around 4900 questions)

Version 2.5.1 10/16/2008

  • Fixed loading of question files
  • Rewrote the whisper menu control for added flexibility
  • Added option to filter out TriviaBot whispers
  • Added option to use a short channel tag for channel output
  • Added option for amount of answers shown if timeout is reached
  • Updated for patch 3.0.2

Version 2.5.0 08/20/2008

  • Rewrote a lot of the functions from 2.4.4 to add the new features
  • Fixed TriviaBot response so it only listens to the current channel
  • Reordered GUI for additional settings
  • Introducing categorization of questions
    • It's possible to add hints to questions
    • Each question grants a certain amount of points related to their difficulty
  • Added new game record: win-streak
  • All players' personal records are stored
  • Channel handling has been optimized and improved
  • Various other changes


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