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As a healer, have you ever found yourself in a LFD group with an abusive player? Someone who not only plays their chosen class poorly but feels the need to tell you how to play yours?  Ever wish you had some way of dealing with that person that requires a minimum effort on your part.  If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions then The TuringTest add-on is for you.

The TuringTest add-on is based on a question posited by Alan Turing who asked "Can machines think"?  The point of the test was to have an individual interact with a computer while not aware that they were do so.  This add-on is based on his original premise though it is hardly sophisticated enough to satisfy his original requirements.  

Anyway, here is how it is intended to work.  If you find yourself in a group with an abusive individual or individuals, instead of getting frustrated with them, have fun with them, at of course, their expense.  Every time someone says something abusive or something that you just don't like you push a macro button that spits out a random phrase.  The key is, to see how long it takes for the abusive person to figure out that you basically ignoring them and letting your add-on talk to them.

The add-on is not mean to be offensive or mean spirited and should be used solely for entertainment purposes only. It comes with such classic phrases as…

'My nose hurts.  What is the best place on the keyboard to position it to reduce friction'
'Wow! You are amazing!!  Are you single?'
'Sorry I had fallen asleep while you were talking'
'Type in caps, I cannot hear you'
'Good advice, I will l2p'
'Damn it Jim, I am a healer not a tank',

and of course many more phrases.

Updates currently being worked on:
front end gui to give uses more custom-ability.
score keeper keep track of your records for how long it took people realize they were conversing with an addon.

To Install
1) install addon normally
2) After you have installed create the following macro: /script SendChatMessage(TuringTest(), 'SAY')

replace 'SAY' with 'PARTY' to have the addon speak through party chat.

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Feb 05, 2011
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Feb 08, 2011
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