TurnInEverything automatically turns in all completed quests, pasting any progress and reward text into the chat frame. The intent is to let you read the quest story without worrying about about the NPC wandering away, being attacked, etc. Or alternatively to ignore the story and clicking for quests you've already done 1000 times — with the text copied to your chat frame it's your choice to read or ignore it without being stuck within dialog range of the NPC.


Right-click on quest turn-in NPCs. Watch the magic. There's nothing else to it.

If there's only one quest reward TurnInEverything automatically accepts that reward. If there's more than one choice for the quest reward TurnInEverything will examine all the options and:

  • if none of the items are usable, TurnInEverything will accept the item with the highest vendor sell value
  • if one of the items is usable, but does not have the highest vendor sell value, or if more than one item is usable, TurnInEverything wait for the user to select a quest reward manually

If you'd prefer that TurnInEverything always select based on the vendor sell value or always accept the single usable item, these behaviors can be modified by selecting "Usable, Highest Mode", "Usable Mode", "Gold Mode" as detailed below.

You can temporarily disable automatic quest completion by holding the shift key while opening the gossip/quest frame. This should help work around A) bugs in my code and B) situations where you don't want to turn in all completable quests. Be sure to hold down the shift key at each click in the process, otherwise the progress events will trigger automatic turn-in even if the initial click didn't.


Slash Commands

TurnInEverything now has a GUI for all configuration items. /tie will bring up the settings window, or you can find it in the usual addons setting portion of the interface. All previous slash commands have been disabled.

Usable, Highest Mode

This is the new default mode for TurnInEverything, to adjust for the changes in the way WoW5's works with regard to "usable" items. In this mode TurnInEverything should be "safe" -- it will only automatically accept quest rewards if there is no choice (i.e. only one reward available), if all items are unusable, or if there is only one usable item and that item has the highest vendor sale value. If there is more than one usable item, or if there is a single usable item but it does not have the highest vendor sale value, TurnInEverything will wait for the user to manually select a quest reward. When all rewards are unusable TurnInEverything will select the item with the highest vendor sale value.

Usable Mode

This is the old default mode, and should now be considered deprecated; changes to gameplay in WoW5 make this mode undesirable. In this mode TurnInEverything will automatically accept quest rewards if there is no choice, if all items are unusable, or if only one item is usable. If there is more than one usable item TurnInEverything will wait for the user to manually select a quest reward. When all rewards are unusable TurnInEverything will select the item with the highest vendor sale value.

Gold Mode

When "Gold Mode" is selected TurnInEverything will automatically choose the quest reward choice with the highest vendors sell value in all cases, regardless of usability or the number of choices. While this mode may be useful for some players caution is advised — if you care about anything other than the vendor sell value of the quest rewards this mode is likely to make choices you don't like.

Argent Tournament

I've added specific support for Argent Tournament Purse/Writ quest rewards, so TurnInEverything can now automatically select a reward for such quests. I was (and still am) planning to support a more general "training" system to allow you to teach TurnInEverything which rewards you would like for any quest, but it's been so long since I promised that I figured I could at least add support for the Argent Tournament quests.


Coming Features:

  • Fully deprecate "Usable Mode" and clean up the configuration items and help text related to the old modes
  • disregard_lc has requested a method to automatically accept a specified reward in repeatable quests. I had the same thought while I was turning in the Thanksgiving quests. So I'll see if I can work something like that out. Currently I'm thinking of a "learning" mode for TIE, where you hold down a modifier during quest reward — and/or enabling the learning mode via a /slash command — selection and TIE will remember and automatically select the same reward next time you turn in that quest.
  • Along the same lines, I'm going to add a learning mode to let you add quests and NPCs to the ignore list. This is somewhat like the exception list I suggest below, but using the new learning mechanism I have in mind instead of typing quest names. This should be both easier to use and more reliable, as it will use quest/NPC ID numbers instead of names.

Possible Features:

  • Create some sort of replacement for the old "Usable" mode that is more compatible with modern gameplay
  • Make the bypass modifier key invertible, so the default does nothing and click-with-modifier activates automatic completion
  • Add an in-game-modifiable, quest-name-based exception list, to permanently disable automatic completion of certain quests
  • Make the exception list invertible, so that the default does nothing and only listed quests are automatically completed

Known Bugs

None currently, but I just released 2.0, so that probably won't last long.


If you have an interest in additional features, any bugs to report, or anything else to contribute let me know at: [email protected]


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May 06, 2009
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Aug 04, 2016
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