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This page will teach you how to get CombatMusic running in your World of Warcraft!

Important Information

Make sure you do all of this BEFORE you start World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft only checks files when it is first started, so making any changes to the files while it's running won't be noticed until the game is restarted. You won't see any errors ingame, but things like CombatMusic might not play music until after the game is restarted.

Replace any instance of WoWDir with the path to your World of Warcraft install.

Step 1: Initial Setup...


If you have a shortcut to World of Warcraft on the desktop, right-click on it and select "Open File Location" from the menu.


Open Finder and navigate to where your World of Warcraft is installed.

Step 2: Creating Folders

Please note that the rest of this readme is aimed at Windows users.
The setup is the same on a Mac, but may have a slightly different method, (for example, using SHIFT + CMD + N to create a new folder...)

Now that you're into your WoW directory: find the Interface folder, and open it.

The first thing to do for copying your music is to make the folders to put it in. Create a folder inside the Interface directory, named Music. Open this new folder and create a folder for each point on this page.

Once you're done making all of the folders for each of the music types currently supported by CombatMusic, you'll need to copy songs into these folders.

Step 3: Adding your Music...

We'll start by adding the death, victory, and level up songs: Find the songs you want to use as these songs, and copy them into the Music folder.
Take the song you want to use for the Game Over, and name it GameOver.
Take the song you want to use as your fanfare, and rename it Victory.
Lastly, take the song you want to hear when you level up, and rename it DING.
Make sure you don't change the extension as you're renaming the files! (The ".mp3" part!).

Please Note: The level up alternate fanfare is optional. You do not need to use it if you don't want to. Should you choose not to use it though, please find the section called "Turning off the alternate level up fanfare."

Now for the songs it plays in Combat:

  • For every song you want to be played in a normal battle: Copy it to your Battles folder.
  • For every song you want to be played in a boss battle: Copy it into your Bosses folder.

Keep in mind that CombatMusic has (virtually) no limit to the number of songs you can play!

Here's where everything comes up to completion. Inside the directory where CombatMusic was installed (**WoWDir\Interface\Addons\CombatMusic\) is a file called RenameMusic.bat.txt. (If you do not see two extentions on this file, please consult the Microsoft knowledgebase on how to change this.) What you'll need to do is rename that file RenameSongs.bat and then move or copy it into your Music directory from above. Once that's done, just double click on it, and it will do the rest of the work for you.

While the batch file makes renaming songs easier, (It can bug out and rename the DING/Victory/GameOver songs) I can understand if you don't trust it. Instead, if you do not want to use it, go into each of the Music subfolders and sequentially rename every file to "songx.mp3" where x starts at 1 and increases by 1 for each song renamed in each folder.

Here's some images showing the end result.

Folder Setup Battles Bosses

Once you're done with that, you can start World of Warcraft and finish the ingame setup!

Check inside your chat frames, and see if something like this shows up:
Login Message Example

If your messages are similar (The version text might be a little bit different) then the install was successful. Now you can configure the addon ingame. The first step is to remember how many songs you had chosen for each of the song types the addon supported. Taking the biggest numbered song in each of the folders is the easiest way to do that.

Type /cm or /combatmusic to open up the settings UI, where you can enter the numbers of songs that CombatMusic will try to use.

Settings Page 1

(These aren't the default settings, so adjust yours accordingly.) Slide the thumbs on the songtype sliders until the number in the box under it is the same as the biggest numbered song of that type. The slider, while only slides from 0 to 100, you can go higher (congrats if you have more than 100 songs, I couldn't do it) by typing in the number you want to get to.

CombatMusic will handle the rest from here, so go and fight something.. a training dummy, a cat.. whatever you happen to be standing near. If you don't have any music playing, check that your game sound is not globally muted. CombatMusic will take care of the volume and Music sound settings, but you need to make sure the global sound is enabled.

If CombatMusic forced the ingame music to come on, and you do not want to hear it: Do not turn off the Music option in your sound settings, simply set the music volume slider as far left as it will go. It has the same effect, and prevents other bugs that turning off the ingame music brings to CombatMusic.

Step 4: Optional setup...

Song Cooldowns

Song Cooldowns are no longer a thing. Blizzard has made it possible to stop playing sounds called from PlaySoundFile() now, which makes the need for song cooldowns to prevent sound overlapping no longer necessary. If sounds would overlap when playing, CombatMusic will simply stop the first playing sound and start it again.

Turning off the alternate level up fanfare

If you chose not to use DING.mp3, then you'll need to tell CombatMusic that. Defaulting to on, this option needs to be toggled off, where CombatMusic will instead use Victory.mp3 when you level up. You can find the option in the Combat subgroup of General. Ding Option