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This addon is designed to help with the crewing of vehicles in a group. It will detect when group members enter and leave a vehicle and gathers and records data on the vehicle in question, including what seat a group member has taken in a vehicle. This addon was originally made to help with Ulduar pugs for the first boss, but it can also be used in some battlegrounds like Wintergrasp, Strand of the Ancients and Isle of Conquest.


To enter a command or to see the list of commands, type "/vs". The current commands are:

  • list: This will list all vehicles that can be detected within the map. Enemy vehicles may not be listed. Vehicles also includes gunships.
  • crew: This command will list all of the vehicles that are occupied by someone in your group. For each vehicle, it will list all of the seats of that vehicle, the basic role that seat plays (driver, gunner, passenger, etc), and who, if anyone, is in that seat.
  • clear: This clears the list of vehicles in your group. You might want to use this after a battleground to make sure that nothing is left from that.
  • group: Same thing as crew except it will broadcast to your group. This function is still underwork.


I have fixed most of the problems. There is still a distance problem, but it gets fixed when you get closer to the vehicle. For example, if you are on the west side of Wintergrasp and a teammate gets in a vehicle on the far east side, the entered vehicle event does not give any information on the vehicle, but by using a check for that person's pet, the vehicle might be identified if it is not too far away.

This distance problem will also cause a far away vehicle that is listed to have no seats.


I am working on localizations for this. I do not know if anyone cares about that or not, but we will see. Thanks to Wowhead, I can easily translate the name of vehicles for other languages.

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Jul 11, 2012
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Aug 28, 2012
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