Change log

2.0 RC6 - disabled bag scans in combat - optimized memory handling - optimized ammo count - small bugfixes

2.0 RC5 - readded Zone check for AQ

 (why are the aq mounts "useable" outside AQ?)

- added zone check for outland - added texture check to item data function - moved call pet button in pet menu - added some fallbacks for problems with external libs - updated to PeriodicTable-3.0 - added new mount icons

2.0 RC4 - modified mount handling - updated to PeriodicTable-2.0

2.0 RC3 - updated toc number - updated ace libraries

2.0 RC2 - added several textures - fixed tooltip bugs - now remembers aspects/trackings/traps casted in combat - localized spells in pet macro (right click) - added pet happyness to sphere circle - added FuBar support (includes minimap icon) - moved Venantes to Ace2 category "Hunter" - fixed some toc file issues - removed all translations from SphereLoader

2.0 RC1 - added several textures - added traps to button actions - added skin selection - redesigned "Solid" skin - added "Flat" skin - added "Sprocket" skin - added option for sphere transparency - added option for button transparency - added option to order buttons counter clockwise - reordered aspects - added icons for frostwolf/stormpike trinkets - move/close option window if another windows is opened - added new option tab debug (get item ids, missing textures) - moved all internal language dependent strings to one place - added Totemus and Arcanum to SphereLoader - improved SphereLoader

2.0 beta 10 - smaller font size for cooldowns - dragable options window - added French localisation and speeches - added Chinese localisation (dummy file) - added Chinese speeches from Venantes 1 (dummy file) - added option to show tooltip at default position - using PeriodicTable for item information now - added grid function for button alignment

2.0 beta 9 - fixed hearthstone bug - fixed problems with actions in sphere tooltip - added trinket slots to button actions - removed items - added "Eagle Eye", "Eyes Of The Beast", "Beast Lore" to button actions - menus can now stay open (only closed with menu button left click) - menus now hide after 4 seconds delay - pet menu now casts "Mend Pet"/"Eyes of the Beast" on right/middle click - aspect, tracking and traps menus now remember the last two spells casted

 while not in combat, can recast on right click (second last spell) and
 middle click (last spell)

- aspect, tracking and traps menus now show icon of the remembered spell

 (right click)

2.0 beta 8 - fixed option dialog bug (BC) - fixed option action tooltip bug (low level char) - fixed toc to include Gratuity-2.0 - better memory use (hopefully)

2.0 beta 7 - minor bugfix for option dialog action tooltips

2.0 beta 6 - removed some debug stuff - added several spells and items - increased the size of the buttons in the menus - if not locked to the sphere menus expand now depending on the

 horizontal menu button position

- cooldowns on buttons and in tooltips - added mana to action tooltips - tint buttons if not enough mana - highlight mountbutton if mounted - better mount handling (for aq, prepared for outland) - ammo name in sphere tooltip

2.0 beta 5 - removed some debug messages (hearthstone)

2.0 beta 4 - fixed Hearthstone bug

2.0 beta 3 - added Volley, Bestial Wrath, Intimidation to actions list - added menu tooltips

2.0 beta 2 - added option to block texture errors - removed some debug messages - fixed mount random message - set the circle to 90% opacity - added % output to circle text - added missing texture für snake pet - added Flare to button actions - fixed tooltip for third action button - some minor cleanup - smaller clickable area for sphere

2.0 beta 1 - first public release of Venantes 2 - complete rewrite based on Ace2


Uploaded on
Jan 30, 2007
Game version
  • 2.0.1
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