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This fifty-line tiny addon can provides COMPLETE profession skills list, using a hack of the in-game 'trade skill link'. No data-collecting and no cpu occuping.

How to use

There is only one command "/tradelink [current_level]" ('/tl' is all the same).

The command will print several "Trade Skill Link" into your chat frame. These links are guaranteed to have the COMPLETE skill list. So you can call them whenever you need to find a recipe, or to find the gem/enchant that match your new gear.

At first there will be no links provided. Because it need some information to generate legal links. Immediately after someone linked his profession out, usually in trade channel, the addon will catch it and the COMPLETE link can be generated since then.

How it works

"http://www.wowwiki.com/TradeSkillLink" tells the inner format of the links. And I found out that each Profession has a different but fix-length recipe-list part.

As server verifies the UID and the list length, this addon catches them from the links in the chat channel.

Then when you type "/tl", the addon fills the recipe-list bits will "1", and combines the remembered UID and other parts together. And the COMPLETE links are provided.

1.1 for wow 3.1.2 and NEW features

Enhanced Default Trade Skill Window:

  • Shift+RightClick the skill link button, will get a link of all skills that you DON'T have
  • Shift+RightClick one skill name, will get the wowhead page link of it.
  • Mouse over tooltip

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Date created
Dec 16, 2008
Last update
Jan 11, 2011
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