What is my DPS

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what is my dps

What is my DPS

Little addon that shows the duration, DPS/HPS and damage/healing done by you at the end of a fight in the chat frame, also tracks totals of a session which can be reseated.

Very lightweight it virtually doesn't have any footprint in CPU and memory since it pulls data from achievement statistics damage wich is calculated server side. It does not use the combatlog.

This has a drawback however, it doesn't work for dummies since blizzard doesn't count damage on dummies towards statistics, also doesnt count overkill damage so if you kill a mob that has 8k hp and you land some 20k action/Spell it only counts 8k, for everything else it works fine,

With the r3 of the addon, it now tracks healing aswell

The display of damage and/or healing is smart so if u are a healing class and did more healing than damage, healing will show first, reverse is true aswell. Also if you are a class that does no passive healing whatsoever healing wont show as 0 it just wont show.

For classes with passive healing like warlock/shadow priest/dk, that dont care with showing of healing, it can be turned off. Same is true for healing classes that dont want to show damage

New commands:
/wdps config damage - Toggles on/off the show of the damage component
/wdps config healing - Toggles on/off the show of the healing component
/wdps config session damage - toggles on/off the show of the damage component in the session totals
/wdps config session healing - toggles on/off the show of the healing component in the session totals

Command lines: /wdps or /whatismydps

/wdps reset : Resets the session data.
/wdps config : Shows the options avaible
/wdps show : Shows the commands to show session and/or lastfight

Hope you enjoy using it. I enjoyed creating it

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Jul 29, 2010
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Aug 08, 2010
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