Change log

   Fixes a problem where the Achievements were not working properly unless the UI was reloaded.
   Adds the ability to display NPCs with prerequisites, *** requiring Grail 47 or later ***.
   Makes the X code prerequisite display with ![Turned in].
   Adds the ability to display phase prerequisite information.
   Adds some Spanish translations based on input by Davidinmoral.

   Updates some German localization provided by bigx2.
   Updates some Russian localization provided by dartraiden.
   Adds ability to display F code prerequisite information.

   Changes to use some newly added API Grail provides, *** requiring Grail 45 or later ***.
   Updates some Spanish localization provided by Davidinmoral.
   Updates some French localization provided by Noeudtribal.
   Reputation values that are not to be exceeded now have "< " placed in front of the value name.
   Allows the key binding for toggling open/close the Wholly panel to work in combat, though this function will need to be rebound once.
   Fixes a map pin problem with the addon Mapster Enhanced.
   Changes the faction prerequisites to color green, red or brown depending on whether the prerequisite is met, can be met with increase in reputation or is not obtainable because reputation is too high.
   Adds support for Grail's new "Other" map area where oddball quests are located.
   Adds support for Grail's new NPC location flags of created and mailbox.
   Updates some Portuguese localization provided by marciobruno.
   Adds Pet Battle achievements newly provided by Grail.

   Adds support for Grail's T code prerequisites.
   Adds Simplified Chinese localization provided by Sunteya.

   Switches to using Blizzard's IGNORED string instead of maintaining a localized version.
   Adds basic support for putting pins on the Omega Map addon.
   Changes the display of the requirement for a quest to ever have been completed to be green if true, and not the actual status of the quest.
   Updates the TOC to support interface 50100.
   Replaced the calls to Grail:IsQuestInQuestLog() with the status bit mask use since (1) we know whether the quest is in the log from its status, and (2) the call was causing Grail to use a lot of memory.

   *** Requires Grail 41 or later ***
   Adds the ability to display requirements for spells that have ever been experienced.
   Adds the ability to specify amounts above the minimum reputation level as provided in Grail 041 and later.
   Updates some Traditional Chinese localization provided by machihchung and BNSSNB.
   Adds the ability to display requirements from groups of quests, both turning in and accepting the quests.
   Changes spell prerequisite failures to color red vice yellow.
   Changes preference "Display holiday quests always" to become a "World Events" filter instead, making World Events always shown in their categories.
   Changes world events titles to be brown (unobtainable) if they are not being celebrated currently.
   Adds the ability to Ctrl-click any quest in the Wholly quest panel to add waypoints for EVERY quest in the panel.
   Corrects the incorrect rendering of the wide panel that can happen on some systems.
   Adds keybindings for toggling display of map pins and quests that need prerequsites, daily quests, repeatable quests, completed, and unobtainable quests.
   Adds the ability to display maximum reputation requirements that are quest prerequisites.
   Changes the maximum line count for the tooltip before the second is created, to be able to be overridden by WhollyDatabase.maximumTooltipLines value if it exists.
   Adds the ability to Ctrl-Shift-click any quest in the Wholly quest panel to toggle whether the quest is ignored.
   Adds the ability to filter quests that are marked ignored.

   *** Requires Grail 40 or later ***
   Adds support for displaying special reputation requirements currently only used in Tillers quests.

   *** Requires Grail 39 or later ***
   Adds support to display quest required friendship levels.
   Fixes the problem where NPC tooltips would not be updated (from changed addon data) upon reloading the UI.
   Adds support to display prerequisites using Grail's newly added capabilities for OR within AND.
   Adds support for quests that require lack of spells or spells ever being cast as prerequisites.
   Adds a filter for Scenario quests.
   Delays the creation of the dropdown menu until it is absolutely needed to attempt to minimize the taint in Blizzard's code.
   Fixes an issue where considering bugged quests unobtainable would not filter as unobtainable properly.

   *** Requires Grail 38 or later ***
   Updates some Russian localization provided by dartraiden.
   Adds support for quests that require skills as prerequisites, requiring Grail 038.
   Updates some Italian localization provided by meygan.

   Updates some Korean localization provided by next96.
   Updates some German localization provided by DirtyHarryGermany.
   Updates from French localization provided by akirra83.
   Adds support to indicate account-wide quests, starting with Grail 037 use.

   *** Requires Grail 36 or later ***
   Corrects the problem where NPC tooltips may not be updated until the world map is shown.
   Changes how map pins are created so no work is done unless the WorldMapFrame is being shown.
   Adds the ability to show that quests are Scenario or Legendary.
   Changes the artwork on the right side of the wide panel.
   Fixes the problem where the search panel was not attaching itself to the Wholly quest panel.
   Updates some Korean localization provided by next96.
   Makes it so Legendary quests appear orange while daily quests that are too high level appear dark blue.
   Adds two new sort techniques, and also a tooltip for the sort button that describes the active sort technique.
   Adds the ability to show an abbreviated quest count for each map area in the second scroll area of the wide quest panel, with optional live updates.
   Fixes the problem where the Wholly world map button can appear above other frames.
   Makes changing the selection in the first scroll view in the wide version of the Wholly quest panel, remove the selection in the second scroll view, thereby allowing the zone button to properly switch to the current zone.
   Adds a Wholly quest tooltip for each of the quests in the Blizzard quest log.
   Updates searching in the wide frame to select the newly sought term.

   *** Requires Grail 34 or later ***
   Makes it so Mists of Pandaria reputations can be handled.
   Makes it so starter Pandarens no longer cause Lua errors.
   Corrects the problem where removing all TomTom waypoints was not clearing them from Wholly's memory.
   Corrects locations for Wholly informational frames placed on QuestFrame in MoP beta.
   Updates the tooltip to better indicate when breadcrumb quests are problems for unobtainable quests.
   Adds the ability to display profession prerequisites (in the prerequisites section vice its own for the few that need it).

   *** Requires Grail 33 or later ***
   Corrects the problem where quests in the log that are no longer obtainable do not appear properly.
   Adds the ability to show daily quests that are too high for the character as orange.
   Adds Spanish localization provided by Trisquite.
   Moves the Daily quests into the Other category.
   Adds the experimental option to have a wide quest panel.


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Apr 10, 2013
Game version
  • 5.2.0
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