Change log

   Changes the tooltip code to allow for better displaying of longer entries.
   Adds some Korean localization provided by next96.
   Changes the Interface to 50300 to support the 5.3.0 Blizzard release.
   Adds the ability to control the Grail-When loadable addon to record when quests are turned in.
   Adds the ability to display when quests are turned in, and if the quest can be done more than once, the count of how many times done.
   Updates support for Grail's new representation of prerequisite information.

   Adds a hidden default shouldNotRestoreDirectionalArrows that can be present in the WhollyDatabase saved variables to not reinstate directional arrows upon reloading.
   Adds the ability to show when a quest is obsolete (removed) or pending.
   Adds support for displaying Q prerequisites and for displaying pet "spells".
   Changes the technique used to display reputation changes in the tooltip, *** requiring Grail 048 or later ***.
   Adds support for Grail's new representation of prerequisite information.

   Fixes a problem where the Achievements were not working properly unless the UI was reloaded.
   Adds the ability to display NPCs with prerequisites, *** requiring Grail 47 or later ***.
   Makes the X code prerequisite display with ![Turned in].
   Adds the ability to display phase prerequisite information.
   Adds some Spanish translations based on input by Davidinmoral.

   Updates some German localization provided by bigx2.
   Updates some Russian localization provided by dartraiden.
   Adds ability to display F code prerequisite information.

   Changes to use some newly added API Grail provides, *** requiring Grail 45 or later ***.
   Updates some Spanish localization provided by Davidinmoral.
   Updates some French localization provided by Noeudtribal.
   Reputation values that are not to be exceeded now have "< " placed in front of the value name.
   Allows the key binding for toggling open/close the Wholly panel to work in combat, though this function will need to be rebound once.
   Fixes a map pin problem with the addon Mapster Enhanced.
   Changes the faction prerequisites to color green, red or brown depending on whether the prerequisite is met, can be met with increase in reputation or is not obtainable because reputation is too high.
   Adds support for Grail's new "Other" map area where oddball quests are located.
   Adds support for Grail's new NPC location flags of created and mailbox.
   Updates some Portuguese localization provided by marciobruno.
   Adds Pet Battle achievements newly provided by Grail.

   Adds support for Grail's T code prerequisites.
   Adds Simplified Chinese localization provided by Sunteya.

   Switches to using Blizzard's IGNORED string instead of maintaining a localized version.
   Adds basic support for putting pins on the Omega Map addon.
   Changes the display of the requirement for a quest to ever have been completed to be green if true, and not the actual status of the quest.
   Updates the TOC to support interface 50100.
   Replaced the calls to Grail:IsQuestInQuestLog() with the status bit mask use since (1) we know whether the quest is in the log from its status, and (2) the call was causing Grail to use a lot of memory.


Uploaded on
Jun 10, 2013
Game version
  • 5.3.0
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