Change log

   Corrects the Lua error that happens when attempting to tag a quest when no tag exists.
   Fixes the map icons to look cleaner by Shenj.
   Updates Russian localizations by vitasikxp.

   Handles Grail's change in AZ quests to handle pre- and post-063 implementation.
   Adds the ability to mark quests with arbitrary tags.

   Updates Russian localizations by dartraiden.
   Corrects the search function to use the new Grail quest structures.
   Makes it so quests that are pending or obsolete do not appear when the option indicates unobtainable quests should not appear.
   Changed display of profession requirements to only show failure as quest prerequisites now show profession requirements consistently.

   Adds the capability to set the colors for each of the quest types.
   Changes to use newer way Grail does things.

   Updates Russian localizations by dartraiden.
   Adds a workaround to supress the panel that appears because of Blizzard's IsDisabledByParentalControls taint issue.
   Updates Simplified Chinese localizations by dh0000.

   Fixes the problem where tooltips for map pins were not appearing correctly.
   Fixes a Lua error with the non-wide Wholly quest panel's drop down menu.
   Fixes a Lua error when Wholly is used for the first time (or has no saved variables file).
   Adds a preference to control display of weekly quests (which are not classified as such until Grail 058).
   Adds a color for weekly quests.
   Enables quest colors to be stored in player preferences so users can changed them, albeit manually.
   Fixes the problem where the keybindings or buttons not on the preference panel would not work the first time without the preference panel being opened.

   Fixes the problem where tooltips that show the currently equipped iLevel cause a Lua error.
   Adds a preference to control whether tooltips appear in the Blizzard Quest Log.
   Corrects the problem introdced by Blizzard in their 5.4.0 release when they decided to call API (IsForbidden()) before checking whether it exists.
   Makes the attached Lightheaded frame work better with the wide panel mode.
   Corrects a problem where a variable was leaking into the global namespace causing a prerequisite evaluation failure.
   Attempts to make processing a little quicker by making local references to many Blizzard functions.

   Fixes the problem where tooltips do not appear in non-English clients properly.

   Updates Russian localizations by dartraiden.
   Removes the prerequisite population code in favor of API provided by Grail, requiring Grail 054 or later.

   Updates Chinese localizations by Isjyzjl.
   Adds the ability to show equipped iLvl prerequisites.
   Corrects the display problem with OR within AND prerequisites introduced in version 034.
   Makes opening the preferences work even if Wholly causes the preferences to be opened the first time in a session.

   Changes the tooltip code to allow for better displaying of longer entries.
   Adds some Korean localization provided by next96.
   Changes the Interface to 50300 to support the 5.3.0 Blizzard release.
   Adds the ability to control the Grail-When loadable addon to record when quests are turned in.
   Adds the ability to display when quests are turned in, and if the quest can be done more than once, the count of how many times done.
   Updates support for Grail's new representation of prerequisite information.

   Adds a hidden default shouldNotRestoreDirectionalArrows that can be present in the WhollyDatabase saved variables to not reinstate directional arrows upon reloading.
   Adds the ability to show when a quest is obsolete (removed) or pending.
   Adds support for displaying Q prerequisites and for displaying pet "spells".
   Changes the technique used to display reputation changes in the tooltip, *** requiring Grail 048 or later ***.
   Adds support for Grail's new representation of prerequisite information.

   Fixes a problem where the Achievements were not working properly unless the UI was reloaded.
   Adds the ability to display NPCs with prerequisites, *** requiring Grail 47 or later ***.
   Makes the X code prerequisite display with ![Turned in].
   Adds the ability to display phase prerequisite information.
   Adds some Spanish translations based on input by Davidinmoral.


Uploaded on
May 10, 2014
Game version
  • 5.4.7
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